In 2017, 10-year-old Jaheem McKinzie stabbed himself with a kitchen knife in the chest inside his Memphis home. His mother called paramedics who found him bleeding from the torso and unresponsive. They transported him to a local hospital where he died from his injuries an hour after his arrival.

Mother “Disciplined” Son Before Suicide

Police interviewed Jaheem’s mother, Robin, as they investigated the young boy’s suicide. Why, how could a child so young be so emotionally disturbed that he would kil*l himself, especially with a knife?

Robin told police disturbing information, even admitting to abusing Jaheem before his d*eath. Shortly before his de*ath, Robin admitted that she “disciplined” her son for misbehaving by choking him and beating him with an extension cord.

Jaheem Acting Up

Jaheem was seen throwing rocks at windows that day. Robin called him inside the house. A few minutes later, she ran outside screaming that her son had stabbed himself.

Robin told police that Jaheem was visibly upset and crying after she disciplined him. He then ran into the kitchen, she claimed, grabbed a large kitchen knife, and proceeded to stab himself with it in the chest.

Who Was Jaheem?

Jaheem was a fourth grader at Cornerstone Denver Prep School at the time of his dea*th.

Robin Mckinzey was charged with aggravated child abu*se and child endangerment. Prosecutors did not charge her in Jaheem’s d*eath.

‘All I can say is that she was a good mother, and her son was her life,’ said a close friend of McKinzie’s who did not want to be identified told WREG after the crime. ‘Her son was her life,” the individual finished.

Unsure of the outcome of this case. Robin McKinzie’s name does not appear in a Tennessee Department of Corrections inmate search. I assume the charges were reduced to misdemeanors and she spent a year or less in jail. If she spent time in prison, it would show her photo on the TCOC inmate search website.

My condolences to the McKinzie family.

Weigh In on This Case

Do you think Jaheem ki*lled himself or do you think there is more to the story that Robin did not tell police? I have a hard time believing a child so young could stab himself in the chest, but I know it can happen.

Either way, hitting him with an extension cord definitely caused some emotional issues for the child. I am a domestic ab*use survivor and know how badly it emotionally impacted me. I also know how the violence affected my children and it is heartbreaking to me. I also am not sure how parents can ab*use their kids. I understand spanking on the butt when they do something horrifically bad (spanking is legal folks) am not big on that when other tricks work better -and kids don’t lose respect or suffer emotionally. I feel like Robin should have been charged in her son’s de*ath.

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