The body of 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey was found in the Mohawk River. Her family is now raising money for billboards and a $10,000 reward to people who can help them figure out what happened.

Samantha’s family has asked for “information that leads to the arrest and conviction for the mu*rder” of the girl who went missing on November 25. Police and prosecutors have not called her de*ath a mu*rder. In February, her body was found in the water not far from where she had been last seen in Riverside Park.

No one has been caught in the case of the girl’s de*ath and disappearance.

Someone with information is asked to call the office of Schenectady County District Attorney Robert M. Carney at 518-388-4364 on a billboard on Erie Boulevard.

In May, Carney said the medical examiner had been unable to determine the cause of de*ath for the girl. 

This is the latest thing the girl’s family is doing to keep the case in the public eye. In September, friends and family dressed in purple and marched from Stockade’s Riverside Park to the nearby police station to try to get answers about the case.

Schenectady High School student went missing after meeting up with her ex-boyfriend in Riverside Park in the Stockade neighbourhood. The case has been hard for police and prosecutors to solve.

The girl’s aunt started a GoFundMe campaign. The money raised will be used to increase the reward by $5,000 each time. A memorial service for the girl will be paid for with any extra money. After that, the family will give the money to the local animal shelter, which they said was important to the girl.

Police and prosecutors haven’t said much about the case other than saying that it’s being handled with the same tools that are used for mur*ders.

Police Chief Eric Clifford had said before that Humphrey was seen on surveillance cameras near the edge of the Mohawk just before midnight on November 25. There was no video proof that the teen left the park after that. Police said she went there to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, who they also said was 14 years old.

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A fisherman found Samantha Humphrey’s body in a river. She had not been seen since November 25.

A teenage girl from the US was last seen 13 weeks ago. Her body was found in a river, tied to a shopping cart. Sam Humphrey, 14, was last seen near a park in upstate New York on November 25 at 11:45 p.m.

The body was found in the Mohawk River on Wednesday afternoon by a fisherman on a pier in Schenectady. He called the police.

After that, Samantha’s family told the local news on Thursday that it was her body.

An old railway bridge had the girl’s head floating above it. Her body was tied up in a shopping cart.

Officials expect autopsy results to be made public on Monday at the earliest.

“Obviously she didn’t tie herself up in a shopping cart and sink herself,” a family member told WNYT.

They added that the family “was prepared for this day”, and said “it is almost certainly a homicide”.

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