A 13-year-old Atlanta teen who made and sold ghost g*uns shot and k*illed his 14-year-old sister after a sale gone wrong. He now faces life in prison after police charged him with the death.

Scott Manufactured & Sold Ghost Gu*ns

Wilson Brandon Scott III made and sold “ghost gu*ns,” which are semiautomatic weapons that can’t be found, without a license. He offered them for sale on the web. Two men called Scott and said they wanted to buy a g*un from the teen. The men agreed to meet Scott at his house to make the deal. Things turned out very badly after that.

A Sale Gone Wrong

Two men came to Scott’s house on November 27, 2021. The men tried to rob the teen of one of the gu*ns. When he fired, he hit his sister by accident instead of the people he was trying to k*ill.

While the men were running away, Kyra Scott, 14, and her family put her in the family car and drove to the emergency room. While on their way to the house, police and paramedics got lost and met the family at a gas station.

Don’t Die!

Scott yelled and cried out loud as he jumped out of the car. His sister was dead when paramedics pulled her body from the car. He yelled to her, “Don’t die!”

“When they took her out, she was dead.” There was no sign of life in her. Jaquan Straughn, who was in the parking lot at the time, said, “A nearby officer helped us get her out of the car while they held her up on the ground.”

“Her little brother was getting mad.” Not being able to breathe made him go crazy. “Don’t die,” he told her. “Don’t die,” over and over,” Straughn said.

Scott admitted to shooting his sister. He provided the police with a full statement of the events that unfolded, leading to her death.

Police Make Arrests in Case

One of the thieves’ suspects was caught by the police. Yuself McArthur El, who is 19 years old, has been charged with mur*der. The other suspect has not been caught yet, and police have not released any more information about them. Scott was also caught and charged with m*urder and making and selling the semi-automatic weapons without a license.

“Their death, Kyra Scott, is an epic tragedy.” It’s a terrible loss for her family. “This loss makes no sense at all, and many people are trying to figure out how it happened,” said District Attorney Dalia Racine.


There is a GoFundMe page set up by the family to help pay for the funeral costs if you would like to help. The GFM has raised more than $19,000 so far.

My Thoughts

I want to know if the parents knew their child was selling gu*ns that were made illegally. They must have been at home because they rushed Kyra to the hospital. It’s a very sad case, though. The father has lost both of his children. It’s sad that kids think gu*ns are fun and that people don’t value life more. Kyra, don’t worry.

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