In front of a dumbfounded deputy sheriff, a 14-year-old runaway from Kansas shot herself to death as the officer tried to persuade her to go back to her family.

Around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jaylee Chillson was at an outdoor gathering in the small town of Aurora after the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office got a call that she had fled her house earlier, according to KAKE-TV News.

Chillson was being interrogated by the deputy about going back home when she pulled a gun.

Jaylee Chillson, 14, ran away from home and was at an outdoor party in Kansas when a deputy sheriff tracked her down and tried to convince her to return home.

The sheriff’s office stated in a press release that “she pulled a gun and shot herself while he was escorting her to his patrol car.”

“The deputy did not pull out his gun. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after midnight despite the efforts of the sheriff’s deputy and an off-duty firefighter, according to the statement.

In a touching Facebook post, Chillson’s father referred to the tragedy as “unbearable”.

“She is incredible. Perfect,” wrote Jeb Chillson. Everything a daughter could possibly be. She is stunning. She is wise. She is everything to us. Our hearts are breaking. It is intolerable. It is unfair.

The distraught father also expressed his anger, claiming that his daughter had been teased and shunned.

He wrote, “I’ve read days worth of messages from her ‘friends,’ who treated her absolutely awful.

“Observed as she was left out of the girl’s sports teams. watched adults repeatedly let her down on a school-level. watched as some of the parents who had once gushed about her and how amazing she was began to call her names and speak negatively about her to their children, as well as watched as some of the girls who had once been her best friends would not even acknowledge her when she would walk by them.

He continued, “Only our family and her therapist are aware of the last year of her life.

“She deserved everything she ever could have wanted in this world.”

Police said several witnesses at the party, which was attended by high school and college students, were interviewed about the incident but no charges were filed.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation was also brought in by the sheriff’s office to help with the investigation “to ensure impartiality since their deputy was present during the shooting.”

According to her obituary, Chillson was born on March 11, 2009, in Manhattan, Kansas, and raised in Clay Center with her parents, Jeb and Stacie Chillson, and fourth brothers.

The obituary stated that she “enjoyed spending time outside in nature hunting, fishing, and camping.”

Jaylee also enjoyed playing softball, and she spent a lot of time on the field doing both.

The teen enjoyed riding in her dad’s semi and hoped to become a diesel mechanic. She was also active in the youth group of the Evangelical Covenant Church, her obit said.

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