A missing 14-year-old boy is missing and believed to be in danger, according to Indiana State Police.

Bryson Muir, who is from Logansport, Indiana, left his grandmother’s home in Garfield Heights, Ohio, on June 16. He has not been seen since.

Bryson’s grandmother, Cheryl Wright, called 911 because she feared Bryson was being ab*used by his parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir.

According to Indiana State Police, Kristen Muir was pulled over shortly after the 911 call was made, but Bryson was not in her car.

“If anyone sees him, or knows where he is, please come forward and call the police. I’m holding onto hope that he’s alive and is OK. I’ve reached out to my daughter and she will not respond. They have five kids together and he has two others. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all in danger,” Wright said.

On June 18, the Cass County Department of Child Services contacted Indiana State Police to investigate domestic battery against Bryson.

Authorities said efforts to contact Daniel and Kristen Muir have been unsuccessful.

Daniel Muir is a former NFL player who played on the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders. He also played football at Kent State University.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Bryson or his parents can call 911 or the Indiana State Police, Peru Post at 1-800-382-0689.

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