Amber, 16, was rap*ed and strangled to death by her brother Connor. This happened five months after she was rap*ed on his couch by a good friend. A third man found Amber’s body, touched it se*xually, and then tried to hide it from the police.

As kids, Amber Gibson and her brother Connor were in foster care. But, unlike many other kids in the same situation, they found love and happiness with the Nivens family. Because of how much Amber and Connor fought, the Nivens never left them alone together because they were afraid of what might happen. No one ever thought Connor would ra*pe and ki*ll his 16-year-old sister five months after another man did it to her while she slept on his couch. A man found Amber’s body some time after she was k*illed. Paul Corrigan didn’t call the police; instead, he touched the body s*exually and hid it from view.

Craig and Carol Niven had been taking care of Amber and Connor since they were 3 and 5 years old. Connor stayed with the family until he turned 18 and could no longer live with a foster family in 2020. Amber moved out when she was 14. Amber moved to the Hillhouse Children’s Home after leaving the Niven home.

Connor Gibson

Amber & Connor Separated

While they didn’t live together anymore, Amber and Connor talked to each other a lot. The Blue Triangle is a hostel for homeless teens and young adults where Connor had moved in. A 20-year-old man named Jamie Starrs raped Amber while she slept on his couch in June 2021. At the time of the attack, Starrs was out on bond after another teenage girl said he choked her.

Connor and Amber got into a fight on the phone on November 26, 2021. The siblings were going to hang out later that night, even though they had a fight. Even though staff told her not to meet Connor, Amber was excited about the trip. She cared about her brother and looked forward to a fun night.

Connor and Amber were seen walking down a Hamilton street together by CCTV. At 9:51 p.m., she sent a friend a message and shared a selfie of herself and Connor on social media. The picture’s title was “My big bro.” No one had heard from Amber since then.

When Amber didn’t come home that night, staff at the Hillhouse called the police to say she was missing.

Police found CCTV footage from later that night that showed Connor walking back to the hostel by himself. He was also caught on CCTV resting against a fence and throwing away clothes that were stained with blood.

Amber’s Body Found

Amber’s body was found in a wooded area behind a park in Cadzow Glen on November 28, 2021, two days after she went missing. It was covered in leaves and other things. There was nothing on her, and her underwear was tight around her neck. Later, police found out that Amber had been ra*ped, hit in the head several times, and then strangled to death.

Another thing the police found out was that a man named Stephen Corrigan had r*aped Amber after she was k*illed. His DNA and fingerprints were found on 39 parts of Amber’s body, such as her breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.

Connor said he didn’t hurt his sister.

The Blue Triangle staff told the police that Connor came back to the hostel “disheveled” and dirty from the night he met Amber. He said that he and Amber had a fight about “family problems.” He sneaked out of the hostel that night. Police think this is when the CCTV caught him burying the bloody clothes.

Connor wasn’t arrested right away. On his social media, he put up a fake tribute:

“Amber, you will fly high for the rest of time. We will all miss you. Especially me. I love you ginger midget. GBFN (goodbye for now) x’.

Connor, Corrigan Arre*sted in Connection With Amber’s Mu*rder


Connor was arrested on December 1, 2021, and charged with raping and ki*lling his sister. Along with Amber, Corrigan was arrested and charged with trying to thwart the law by se*xually touching her and hiding her body.

Corrigan declined to say how his fingerprints got on Amber’s body but did say he had not touched or covered her body. He was found guilty of the charges brought against him.

Connor strongly denied hurting his sister, even though there was a lot of proof that he did. He was found guilty of ra*pe and mur*der and will likely get a life sentence at his sentencing hearing later this year.

J Starrs

Jamie Starrs, Amber’s first rapist, was also found guilty and given a 10-year prison sentence. He was also found guilty of se*xual assault against the other girl in her teens who brought charges against him before Amber.

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