Mehgan McKeon was the undeserving mother of a smart, happy 3-year-old son named Austin. She also worked, had a boyfriend, and enjoyed partying during her free time. She and Austin lived in a cabin on a campground, a home without running water that she never cleaned.

Home Alone

McKeon left Austin alone in the cabin while she worked on March 24, 2014. She did not return home after her shift, preferring to spend the night with her boyfriend. She did it frequently, leaving Austin home alone for days on end.

Meghan spent the next two nights with her boyfriend with no regard for Austin or his safety. Three days later, she returned to the cabin and discovered Austin face down on the floor. His eyes were open, but the boy was no longer alive.

Austin Pronounced De*ad at Hospital

McKeon dialed 9-1-1. Paramedics attempted but failed to save his life. He was rushed to the hospital by paramedics, where he was pronounced de*ad. A toxicology report ruled out the foul play that investigators had suspected. Austin died of dehydration, according to his autopsy report.

As paramedics tried to save Austin’s life at the cabin that day, McKeon freely admitted that she had left him home alone for three days, as she had done many times before.

Plea De*al

McKeon was arrested and charged with three counts of misdemeanor child abuse. The charges were later upgraded by the District Attorney to child abuse resulting in the de*ath of a child. McKeon, on the other hand, accepted a plea bargain that reduced her sentence to 22 years in prison. Under the terms of the agreement, she pleaded guilty to one count.

McKeon Addresses Court

During her sentencing, she addressed the court, stating that she was not a monster. (So, what do you call a b*tch who abandons a child, a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD who cannot care for himself, in a filthy house with no running water, let alone ALONE for three days when it is not the first time this has happened? The truth hurts, but you are a monster.)

“Instead of spending time with my son, I was spending time with a bottle chasing dreams I knew were unattainable,” she went on to say. “I would never have done anything to intentionally hurt my child,” she went on to say.

McKeon said Austin’s de*ath would not be in vain, and she wanted to start an organization that would help women.

“I know nothing I say or do will bring my little boy back, but I have hope for a brighter future,” McKeon said in a statement.

Austin’s father was serving an 18-month sentence for harassment when his son was discovered de*ad. In court, he told McKeon, “Good luck with everything.” He also expressed his hope that the tragedy would not leave her scarred for life.

My Thoughts

Her actions, whether intentional or not, resulted in her son’s de*ath. If you are not prepared to care for children, protect yourself before becoming pregnant! If your actions, especially criminal actions, result in the de*ath of another person, you are guilty because you knew the actions could result in de*ath. It’s sad, and I do blame the mother, who I believe is exactly where she should be!

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