Parents Are Charged in the Dea*th of a 6-Year-Old Boy Who Was Administrated Sufficient Benadryl to Injure an Adult

The untimely dea*th of a 6-year-old boy in South Carolina has prompted the filing of charges against his parents. After receiving a report of a child who was not responding, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office commenced an inquiry on October 30, 2022. Medical professionals delivered a dire prognosis for the child upon his arrival at the hospital; he succumbed to his injuries the same day.

The child’s parents initially asserted that he suffered a seizure after falling from a chair. A search of the residence, however, revealed that the child was residing in an unsanitary environment. Upon autopsy, it was discovered that the child had healed bruises, which provided evidence of prior abuse. Furthermore, it was ascertained that child abuse had been previously reported to the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

The test results indicated that the child passed away due to an overdose of Benadryl, an allergy medication known to induce fatigue. The quantity of Benadryl present in the child’s body was of such magnitude that it had the potential to injure an adult male. Because the child was so active, his mother had administered the medication, according to the investigation. Pupil weight was 45 pounds.

The investigation determined that Sarah Elizabeth Stewart, the child’s mother, administered an excessive amount of Benadryl, which ultimately resulted in the child’s demise. As a result, she was apprehended and formally accused of homicide by child neglect and abuse. Additionally, Christopher Allen Stewart, the father of the child, faced charges of child neglect. On Friday, the couple was scheduled to appear in court for a bond hearing.

This tragic incident illustrates the severity of child neglect and abuse. The care and security of the environment in which their children reside should be the responsibility of the parents. Their failure to do so may result in catastrophic consequences. In order to safeguard children from additional harm, it is imperative to notify the appropriate authorities, such as the South Carolina Department of Social Services, of any suspicions regarding child neglect or abuse.

This incident also highlights that medicines should only be given with the advice of a medical expert and according to the recommended dose. Over-the-counter medications are potentially lethal, especially when consumed without appropriate supervision. It is imperative that parents consult their child’s physician prior to administering any medication.

It is not recommended that parents administer sleep aids or sedatives to their children.

This sad incident reminds us of the significance of shielding our children and ensuring their safety. We must be watchful and take the necessary steps to stop child abuse and neglect. Additionally, learning how to use medications properly and in the correct dosage is vital. The lives of our children rely on us taking these precautions.

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