Shane Jenkin told his girlfriend, Tina Nash, she would never see her kids again before he gouged out both of her eyes during a 12-hour torture at*tack.

Tina was a single mother of two when she began a relationship with Shane in 2019. Although the pair had met 10 years earlier, a friend warned her against getting involved with him at that time. That friend described Shane as a “psychopath” and shared with Tina how he had at*tacked a person by repeatedly stamping on their head, a cri*me for which he had just been released from prison.

Tina and Shane Get Together

Fast forward to 2019 and Tina hit it off so well with Shane she thought maybe he had grown up and time had changed him for the better. After the two began dating, Tina was even more convinced that he was a changed man. He treated her great.

Then the honeymoon phase wore off about eight months into the relationship and Shane’s true colors came through. He often cursed at Tina and became irate and upset at the smallest things. He spat on Tina, pulled her hair, and always picked arguments with her. Shane did not hesitate to beat her in front of the kids.

Once, Shane attempted to push her eyes out of her head with his fingers, but she managed to escape him. On another occasion, Shane beat Tina so badly that she required hospitalization. Although Tina initially had Shane charged with beating her, she changed her story, dropped the charges, and went back to him.

Social services became involved with the family at this point. The department wanted to protect the kids and Tina from Shane. Workers from the agency visited her home on several occasions.

Shane At*tacks Tina

On April 20, 2011, Tina, Shane, and the kids spent the day together. Tina noticed in recent days Shane had been much nicer toward her. She was very happy about this changed personality. On this particular day, the couple watched the movie Hostel together. In the movie, a girl’s eyes are gouged out of her head.

Later in the evening, Tina lay down in bed while Shane stayed awake. She overheard him talking to a neighbor about his new prescription for the sleeping medication Valium, and asked the neighbor if he wanted some.

Shane come into the house to retrieve the Valium and Tina, fearful that social services would find out what was going on, asked Shane not to give the neighbor Valium.

Of course, this irritated Shane who began cursing at Tina and told her to mind her own business. She knew better than to further agitate Shane and went back to bed and fell asleep.

A few minutes later, Shane woke Tina up by climbing on top of her, wrapping her up in her duvet, then strangling her to unconsciousness. Shane repeatedly punched Tina. She attempted to get free but was wrapped too tightly to move. She passed out.

When she woke up, Shane resumed the at*tack until she again fell unconscious.

When Tina woke up again feeling no pain, Shane unwrapped her from the duvet. He then said, “Your eye is hanging from your head. You’ll never see your kids ever again.” Tina had no idea what Shane was talking about.

She reached for her face and felt her eyeball hanging out of its socket. She then moved her hand to the other eye and felt the area extremely swollen and her eye bulging from her face.

Whilst Tina was unconscious, Shane had reached his fingers into her eyes and pushed and pulled them out. “All of this is your fault. All this over some tablets,” Shane scolded the badly injured woman.

Shane continued to scream at Tina as the kids slept in their bedrooms. He picked Tina up, took her to the bathroom, and tossed her into cold water. By this time she felt extreme pain and began to vomit. She begged Shane to let her go but he ignored the request and repeated how all of it was her fault.

Shane finally left the bathroom. When all was quiet in the house, Tina walked out of the bathroom, feeling her way through the halls and rooms of the home since now she could not see. It had been nearly 12 hours since Shane at*tacked her and gouged out her eyes.

Tina found Shane asleep on the couch. She thought about picking up a hammer and a*ttacking Shane but knew this probably wasn’t a good idea. At over 6’ tall and 250+ pounds, Tina did not stand a chance against him.

Tina’s Son Gets Help

Shane soon woke up from his slumber, now in a much better mood. He comforted Tina and gave her oldest son permission to run down the road to his grandmother’s house to summon help. Paul, Tina’s ex and the father of the youngest boy, knew something terrible had happened and arrived at the home within 10 minutes. Paul was shocked to see Tina with both of her eyes hanging out of her head.

He called an ambulance.

At the hospital, Tina learned there was nothing they could do to save her eyes; she was blinded forever. Shane had pushed one of her eyes back so far into her head, it burst. She also suffered a broken jaw and a broken nose. Over the next four weeks, Tina endured several surgeries. She now wears a prosthetic eye in her left eye socket.

Tina told hospital workers that Shane had a*ttacked her. Jenkin fled but police caught up to him and arrested him two days later. He was charged with and later convicted of attempted murder among other charges.

Life in Prison

He was sentenced to a life sentence with parole eligibility after six years. He spent the first six years locked up in a psychiatric facility.

In August 2022, the parole board recommended Jenkin remain locked inside the secure facility. He will be eligible for parole again in two years.

Tina experienced another incident of domestic vi*olence from a new boyfriend after this at*tack. He spent nearly six weeks behind bars on that charge.

Tina now serves as a domestic vi*olence advocate.

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