Before he tortured Tina Nash for 12 hours and cut out both of her eyes, Shane Jenkin told her she would never see her kids again.

When Tina started dating Shane in 2019, she already had two kids by herself. Even though they had met 10 years before, a friend told her not to get involved with him at that time. Shane’s friend called him a “psychopath” and told Tina that he had att*acked someone by stamping on their head over and over, a cr*ime for which he had just been released from prison.

Tina and Shane Get Together

Things moved forward to 2019 and Tina had a great time with Shane. She thought that he might have grown up and changed for the better. As their relationship grew, Tina was even more sure that he had changed. He was nice to her.

After about eight months together, Shane’s true colors started to show. He yelled and got angry over small things and often cursed at Tina. He hit Tina, pulled her hair, and always found fault with her. It didn’t bother Shane that she was beating her in front of the kids.

Shane tried to pull her eyes out of her head with his fingers one time, but she got away. Shane hit Tina so badly another time that she had to go to the hospital. Shane was charged with beating Tina at first, but she changed her story, dropped the charges, and went back to him.

Social services became involved with the family at this point. The department wanted to protect the kids and Tina from Shane. Workers from the agency visited her home on several occasions.

Shane Atta*cks Tina

Tina, Shane, and the kids spent the day together on April 20, 2011. Tiffany saw that Shane had been nicer to her lately. She was very pleased with how she had changed. They watched the movie Hostel together on this particular day. A girl’s eyes are cut out of her head in the movie.

In the late evening, Tina went to bed while Shane stayed awake. She heard him telling a neighbor about his new prescription for Valium, a drug used to treat insomnia, and she asked the neighbor if he wanted some.

Tina told Shane not to give the neighbor Valium because she was afraid that social services would find out what was going on. Shane came into the house to get the Valium.

Shane got mad at Tina for this, so he swore at her and told her to mind her own business. Instead of making Shane even more angry, she went back to bed and fell asleep.

After a short time, Shane woke Tina up by climbing on top of her, covering her with her duvet, and then strangling her until she passed out. Shane punched Tina several times. She tried to get away, but she was too tightly wrapped up to move. She lost consciousness.

Shane kept attacking her after she woke up until she passed out again.

Shane took Tina out of the duvet when she woke up again and said she wasn’t hurt. “Your eye is hanging from your head,” he said. “You’ll never see your kids again.” Shane was talking about something that Tina had no idea about.

She touched her face and felt that one of her eyes was sticking out. She then put her hand over the other eye and felt how swollen it was. Her eye was protruding from her face.

While Tina wasn’t aware, Shane put his fingers in her eyes and pulled and pushed them out. “You’re to blame for everything.” “All of this over some tablets,” Shane yelled at the woman who was badly hurt.

Shane kept yelling at Tina while the kids slept in their rooms. He grabbed Tina, threw her into cold water in the bathroom, and then put her down. By this time she felt extreme pain and began to vomit. She begged Shane to let her go but he ignored the request and repeated how all of it was her fault.

Shane finally left the bathroom. When all was quiet in the house, Tina walked out of the bathroom, feeling her way through the halls and rooms of the home since now she could not see. It had been nearly 12 hours since Shane atta*cked her and go*uged out her eyes.

Tina found Shane asleep on the couch. She thought about picking up a hammer and att*acking Shane but knew this probably wasn’t a good idea. At over 6’ tall and 250+ pounds, Tina did not stand a chance against him.

Tina’s Son Gets Help

Soon, Shane woke up, and he was in a much better mood. He made Tina feel better and told her oldest son that he could run down the street to his grandmother’s house to call for help. Paul, Tina’s ex-boyfriend and the youngest boy’s father, knew something bad had happened and got to the house in 10 minutes. Paul was shocked to see Tina with her eyes sticking out of her head.

He asked for an ambulance.

The hospital told Tina that they couldn’t save her eyes and that she would be blind for life. Shane had pushed one of her eyes into her head so hard that it burst. Aside from that, she broke her jaw and nose. Tina had several surgeries over the next four weeks. She now has a fake eye in her left eye socket.

Tina told people at the hospital that Shane had hurt her. Even though Jenkin ran away, the police caught up with him and booked him two days later. Among other things, he was charged with and later found guilty of attempted murder.

Life in Prison

He was given a life sentence with the chance to get out after six years. He was locked up in a mental hospital for the first six years.

In August 2022, the parole board said Jenkin should stay locked up in the secure facility. In two years, he will be able to get parole again.

Following this a*ttack, Tina’s new boyfriend hurt her again in a domestic violence incident. He was locked up for almost six weeks because of that charge.

Tina now works to stop domestic violence.

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