Ron Bradley saw his daughter Amy Lynn Bradley relaxing peacefully as he looked out the balcony of his Royal Caribbean cabin around 5:30 AM on March 24, 1998. After half an hour, he checked again and saw that she was gone, never to be seen again.

The most likely reason Amy Lynn Bradley went missing is that she fell overboard and was sucked up by the waves. One thing was for sure, Bradley was a great lifeguard and swimmer, and the ship was close to land.

She didn’t seem to have gone missing for the same reason someone would get lost at sea. Since Bradley went missing, there have been a lot of scary reports of seeing her. In 2005, someone even sent her upset family a graphic picture that said she had been sold into sexual slavery.

This is the scary mystery that no one can explain about Amy Lynn Bradley.

A Family Trip In The Caribbean Comes To A Nightmarish End

Ron and Iva Bradley, along with their grown children Amy and Brad, got on the Rhapsody of the Seas in Puerto Rico on March 21, 1998. Their route would take them from Puerto Rico to Curaçao, going through Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.

On March 23, just hours before Amy Lynn Bradley went missing, the ship was anchored off the coast of Curacao. At first, it looked like any other night on a cruise ship. Amy and her brother had fun in the ship’s club. The got up and danced to the music from the “Blue Orchid” cruise ship. A few band members talked to Amy, and the bassist, Yellow (real name Alister Douglas), asked her to dance.

Around one in the morning, they decided to call it a night. They all went back to the cottage where their family lived.

After that, Brad wouldn’t see his sister again.

Brad later told Amy, “I love you” was the last thing I said to her before I went to sleep that night. It has always made me feel a lot better to know that was the last thing I said to her.

After a few hours, Ron Bradley finally saw his daughter on the deck of his family’s cabin. Everything seemed to be okay. That is, until he turned around and saw she was gone.

Ron went to his daughter’s room to see if she was still asleep. She wasn’t there. Amy Lynn Bradley had cigarettes and a lighter with her. Soles of her shoes were still on the ground.

As their fears grew, the family searched the ship’s common areas. The people working on the cruise ship begged them to delay their arrival at Curacao, but they were ignored.

There was a drop of the gangplank that morning. It was okay for both the crew and the passengers to get off the ship.

This gave Amy Lynn Bradley a chance to avoid being caught if she ran away on her own. But her family wouldn’t believe that she would have run away. Amy Lynn Bradley now had a new job, a new place to live, and her beloved bulldog, Daisy.

Even scarier is the fact that anchoring the ship in Curacao gave any possible kidnappers plenty of time to grab Amy Lynn Bradley off the boat and disappear into the crowd.

The Anxious and Ineffective Search For Amy Lynn Bradley

The people who worked on the cruise ship weren’t interested in helping the Bradley family find their daughter quickly.

The crew didn’t call Bradley until the ship got to a port. They didn’t want to make a big deal out of her absence or put her picture up all over the ship for fear of making other people angry. They did search the ship, but only in public areas. They didn’t look in the staff or passenger areas.

Even though it seemed strange, Amy Lynn Bradley might have gone too far. She knew how to be a lifeguard and could swim really well. Her fall or being pushed could not be seen by anyone. Additionally, there were no signs of a body in the water.

The family paid attention to the people who worked on the cruise ship. They thought that some other passengers were giving their daughter “extraordinary attention.”

“We saw right away that there was a lot of attention on Amy from the staff,” Iva Bradley told Dr. Phil’s show.

Ron Bradley remembered that while the ship was docked in Aruba, one of the waiters had asked for Amy’s name and said “they” wanted to take her to Carlos and Charlie’s Restaurant. When he asked her about it, Amy told him, “I wouldn’t go do anything with any of those crew” I don’t feel safe around them.

An American teen named Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba in 2005. She was last seen at Carlos and Charlie’s Restaurant, which makes this story even scarier.

The Bradley family also heard from people who had seen Amy with Alister Douglas, aka Yellow, early in the morning of her disappearance, around 6 am, near the ship’s dance club. Yellow didn’t agree.

Over the next few months, Amy Lynn Bradley’s family would write to politicians, ambassadors, and the White House. After not getting any useful responses, they hired private investigators, made a website, and set up a 24-hour hotline. There’s nothing.

Iva Bradley said, “To this day, my gut feeling is that someone saw her, wanted her, and took her.”

Amy Lynn Bradley’s Unsettling Sightings Deepen the Mystery

Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared, and her family had good reason to be worried about her. Throughout the years, many people in the Caribbean have said they have seen their daughter, even though the first search was unsuccessful.

In August 1998, five months after Amy went missing, two Canadian tourists saw a woman on a beach who looked like her. One shoulder had a tattoo of a Tasmanian Devil holding a basketball, the other had a sun, the third had a Chinese sign, and the fourth had a lizard.

Someone on the trip, David Carmichael, says he is “100%” sure it was Amy Lynn Bradley.

In 1999, a Navy member met a woman at a brothel in Curacao who said her name was Amy Lynn Bradley. He was asked to help her. He didn’t want to get in trouble, though, so he didn’t report it. The officer didn’t follow up on the tip until he saw a picture of Amy Lynn Bradley in People.

The family got another good tip that year, but it turned out to be a terrible scam. Amy was being held captive by armed Colombians in Curacao when a man named Frank Jones said he was a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and could free her. The Bradleys gave him $200,000 in gifts before they found out he was a con artist.

“If there’s a chance — I mean, what else do you do?” Ron Bradley said something later. “What would you do if it were your kid?” I guess we took a chance. I think we lost.”

The sightings kept happening. Six years later, a woman said she saw Bradley in the bathroom of a department store in Barbados. According to the witness, the woman she saw said her name was “Amy from Virginia” and was fighting with two or three men.

In 2005, an email was sent to the Bradleys with a picture of a woman who looked like Amy lying on a bed in her underwear. The picture was found by someone in a group that searches pornographic websites for sex trafficking victims. They thought it might be Amy.

The picture shows a woman named “Jas” who works as a sex worker in the Caribbean. However, this disturbing tip did not lead to any new leads.

Today, the search for Amy Lynn Bradley is still being looked into. The Bradley family and the FBI both have big rewards for anyone who can help them find her.

At the moment, though, her absence is still a scary mystery.

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