The body of Annabelle Ham was found in an Alabama bay and pronounced de*ad.

The college student and lifestyle content creator, who was 22 years old, was found on July 15 in Mobile Bay in Fairhope, Alabama.

The report says that the Coroner’s Office went to the scene of the crime and took Annabelle to the Alabama Department of Forensics, Mobile Lab, for an autopsy. The official cause of de*ath has not yet been found, though.

The Post has asked the Fairhope Police Department for more details.

Annabelle gained thousands of followers and subscribers across all of her platforms for her lifestyle content while she was a student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

In an email to The Post on Tuesday, the influencer’s sister Alexandria said that Annabelle had “struggled with epilepsy for a while” and had “experienced an epileptic episode.”

“She really was everything good in the world.” “She was the life of the party and a spark plug. Everyone she met loved her, and they loved her back,” Alexandria said.

“She was always happy and tried to make every day, situation, and trip better.” There aren’t enough words to describe how great she is.

Annabelle’s family told her more than 76,000 Instagram followers about her de*ath through her account.

This is Annabelle’s family. “We write with heavy hearts,” they said. As a result of her seizure, Annabelle has since gone through the gates of heaven.

The content creator who died had been dealing with epilepsy “for a long time and wanted to raise awareness for it,” which is something her family will carry on in her honour.

“Annabelle was beautiful and inspiring, and she lived her life to the fullest,” they wrote. “Everyone she met was moved by her energy and the bright light in her soul.” She was loved very much and always will be.

The Ham family asked for prayers and privacy as they grieved the de*ath of a loved one. They also asked Annabelle’s fans not to “post or spread unfounded speculation or details.”

“There will come a time when I can give you more details and go into more detail about her life.” “What she went through and the happiness she brought to all of us will be shown through her stories,” they wrote. This is a time to remember and mourn; comments that aren’t needed only hurt everyone.

The tragic announcement follows the confirmation of Annabelle’s d-eath by her two sisters, Amelia and Alexandria, and the outpouring of condolences from Annabelle’s sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, and her many online followers.

To quote Amelia, “Sometimes I don’t understand why God does certain things, but I cannot even express how difficult this is.” When it does happen, you won’t believe it could or would happen to you.

Amelia loved her sister very much and called her “amazing,” “adorable,” and “such a wonderful sibling.”

“She was so nice, beautiful, and had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. She was always happy and made every room brighter.” “God was ready for her, though,” she said.

“I know she always wanted to live life to the fullest, that’s what we have to do now. I’m sure she’s dancing in heavenly joy right now. “One day I can’t wait to give you a big hug.”

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