On Wednesday, in the northern city of Tripoli, Lebanon, a stray dog was found carrying an abandoned baby girl who had been left in a trash bag outside of a city building.

The National said that a person walking by heard the baby’s muffled cries coming from inside the black trash bag that the dog was holding in its mouth and rushed to help.

A bystander took her first to the Islamic Hospital, and then she was moved to the Tripoli Government Hospital.

Pictures of the baby that are going around online show that she has cuts and bruises all over her face and body.

There have been different stories about how old the child is.

Some stories said she was about 4 months old, while others said she had just been born hours before she was left on the side of the road.

When people on social media heard that the baby had miraculously gotten better, they were quick to offer to adopt the child.

“Some people say that the dog is a dirty animal, which is obviously not true,” one commentator wrote on Twitter.

He said, “The dog is much more human, kind, clever, and smart than some satanic mutants in human form.”

“Animals are more caring than people,” said another tweet.

Ghassan Rifi, a journalist in Tripoli, questioned the intentions of the person who left the baby behind. He wrote online in Arabic, “It was not known if the “wild lady” who threw the child and ran away to an unknown location wanted the dogs to kill her and eat her body or if she wanted to get people’s attention.”

“But in every case, the dog that pulled her was more kind than the person who threw her, who was cruel and did something wrong.”

The local news said that the little girl’s condition was serious but stable.

The hospital didn’t give any more details because Wednesday was the first day of the Islamic New Year, which means that public buildings are closed to celebrate.

Police were looking for the people who left the baby and were looking into what happened.

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