A Portland man was detained on Wednesday, more than ten years after he is accused of ki*lling his newborn daughter in a scandal that engulfed the city and earned the girl the nickname “Baby Precious.”

According to the Portland Police Bureau, Alnath Omar Oliver, 53, was charged with manslaughter, criminal mischief, rape, and concealing the birth of an infant.

In 2013, Oliver allegedly ki*lled “Baby Precious,” later identified as baby Amara, in an effort to conceal his relationship with the infant’s 15-year-old mother.

He is accused of forcing the adolescent girl to give birth on his apartment floor on May 27. He then allegedly took the infant outside in an apparent attempt to get the girl to the hospital.

Detective Brendan McGuire stated at a press conference, “He then took the child from that event from his flat, and in the course of walking to hospital the baby passed.”

Oliver dumped her in a recycling bin at that point, and the next morning, her body was found on a conveyor belt at the recycling facility after being transported there by truck.

The Medical Examiner quickly determined that the infant’s death was a homicide, but for the following ten years, no relatives could be found.

After discovering a blood match on Amara’s mother’s side and their own 23AndMe test results being added to its database, investigators were able to locate Amara’s family.

According to McGuire, the mother has given investigators her full cooperation.

Tragically, she believed Amara was still alive today and had been taken to the hospital.

Due to the fact that the mother herself was a victim of statutory rape, according to investigators, she is not being charged.

Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement that “while we continue to mourn the loss of baby Amara, we hope this significant announcement helps our community with the healing process from this tragedy.”

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