They were both born and raised in Guamúchil, which is in the state of Sanola in Mexico. They were best friends and went to the same school. The girls’ bond grew stronger as they grew up. They were together all the time at one point.

Baez called Erandy a “best friend” and “sister” in a social media post.

“I love you… you are my beloved sister…thanks for those moments of madness that provoke me and the laughter that you give me and also the desire to do crazy things with you.”

Ariel Uploaded a Nude Photo of Erandy to Social Media

In early 2014, Ariel, who was 16 at the time, posted a naked picture of Eraandy with a boy from the school they both went to. This made the relationship worse. Erandy got mad right away at the post and stopped being friends with Ariel. In the meantime, Erandy wrote on Twitter that she felt betrayed by her best friend.

“I may look calm, but in my head, I’ve ki*lled you three times,” one post read. “You’ll be lucky to survive until the end of the year,” another post stated.

Ariel felt bad that she posted the picture of her friend. She missed being with Erandy and wanted him to know she was sorry. So, on March 19, 2014, Ariel asked Erandy to come to the Baez house to make things right.

Erandy, who was also 16 years old, agreed to go with bad intentions. She couldn’t stop being mad at Ariel and wanted to get back at her. How could she post a picture that was so embarrassing on social media?

65 Stab Wounds to the Neck

When Erandy got to the Baez house, she told Ariel she had to go to the toilet. She instead went to the kitchen, got a big knife, and attacked her best friend, Ariel, stabbing her 65 times in the neck in the family room.

That night, when Ariel’s mom got home, she found her dead daughter lying in a pool of her own blood. Erandy wasn’t there, but Ms. Baez thought she might have hurt Ariel.

Erandy Arrested at Ariel’s Funeral

Erandy felt terrible about what she did, but she kept her cool around Ariel’s friends and the Baez family. She felt like a sad friend who couldn’t believe someone could hurt her best friend. Along with the family, she cried.

The stories she wrote on social media were much more clear. One post said, “Oh my God, what have I done?” Friends of both of them started to think that Erandy had kil*led Ariel and told the police.

Ariel was buried a few days after she was k*illed. Erandy went to the hearing, clearly upset about being arrested on suspicion of kil*ling her best friend.

According to Erandy, she admitted to what she had done and told the police that she had stabbed her best friend because she was “embarrassed” by the pictures she had posted on Facebook.

Seven Years Behind Bars Under Mexican Law

No one knows what will happen after this case. Erandy was sentenced as a child because he was a child. Under Mexican law, she could have spent up to seven years in prison if she was found guilty. The Baez family didn’t agree with the guidelines for sentencing and said they didn’t think it was fair.

One of her friends told, “We want real justice to be done because she knew what she was doing even though she was 16.” “I think at that age we are already aware of what we do and take responsibility for what we do,” the friend, who did not want to be named, said.

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