Ariel Baez and Erandy Guiterrez grew up together in the city of Guamúchil in the state of Sanola, Mexico. They attended the same school and were the best of friends. As the girls grew, their bond deepened. There was a time when the pair were inseparable.

In one social media post, Baez wrote of Erandy, calling her a“best friend” and “sister”

“I love you… you are my beloved sister…thanks for those moments of madness that provoke me and the laughter that you give me and also the desire to do crazy things with you.”

Ariel Uploaded a Nude Photo of Erandy to Social Media

The relationship turned sour in early 2014 when Ariel, then 16 years old, posted a nude photograph of Eraandy with a boy from the school they attended. Erandy immediately become angry about the post and broke off her friendship with Ariel. In the meantime, Erandy expressed her feeling of betrayal by her best friend on Twitter.

“I may look calm, but in my head, I’ve ki*lled you three times,” one post read. “You’ll be lucky to survive until the end of the year,” another post stated.

Ariel felt horrible about posting the photo of her friend. She missed their relationship and wanted Erandy to know she was sorry. And so on March 19, 2014, Ariel invited Erandy to the Baez home to make amends.


Erandy, also 16, accepted the invitation with sinister intentions. She could not shake her anger toward Ariel and wanted retaliation. How could she upload such an embarrassing photo to social media?

65 St*ab Wounds to the Neck

After Erandy arrived at the Baez home, she told Ariel she needed to use the bathroom. Instead, she retrieved a large knife from the kitchen, returned to the family room where Ariel sat, and at*tacked her best friend, sta*bbing her in the neck 65 times.

When Ariel’s mother returned home that evening, she found her daughter de*ceased lying in a pool of her own blood. Erandy was nowhere around, although Ms. Baez suspected her of hurting Ariel.

Erandy Arrested at Ariel’s Funeral

The guilt consumed Erandy, although she played it cool around Ariel’s friends and the Baez family. She played the role of a grieving friend, shocked that anyone could hurt her best friend. She cried alongside the family.

Her social media posts told a much clearer story. “Oh my God what have I done?,” one post read. Mutual friends began to suspect Erandy of ki*lling Ariel and notified authorities.

Ariel was laid to rest several days after her mur*der. Erandy attended the proceedings, obviously distraught as police arrested her on suspicions of m*urdering her best friend.

Erandy confessed what she had done, telling authorities she was “embarrassed” by the photos her best friend had uploaded to Facebook and st*abbed her in retaliation.

Seven Years Behind Bars Under Mexican Law

The aftermath of this case is unknown. Erandy was a juvenile and sentenced as such. If convicted, she faced a maximum of seven years in prison under Mexican law, The Baez family was unhappy with the sentencing guidelines, stating they dont feel like its justice.

“We want true justice done because even though she was 16 she knew what she was doing,” said one of her friends as reported by “I think at that age are already aware of what we do, we are already responsible for our actions,” added the friend, who asked to remain anonymous.

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