Welcome to a riveting exploration of the shocking and alarming case of Brad McGarry’s mu*rder. This heart-wrenching story was featured on the television show ‘Dateline,’ specifically in Season 27, Episode 48, titled ‘Dangerous Secret,’ which aired on the NBC network. The peaceful town of Bellaire, Ohio, was shattered when Brad McGarry was brutally k*illed, and the following investigation unearthed a series of shocking revelations. In this article, we will delve into the tragic tale of Brad McGarry’s mu*rder, the exhaustive investigation that led to the arrest of David Kinney, and where this convicted k*iller is now.

Brad McGarry Mur*der Story: Ohio Man Was K*illed by His Gay Lover

Brad McGarry lived in Bellaire, Ohio. In May 2017, his life took a terrible turn. His close friend David Kinney, his wife Cheri, and their young daughter came to Brad’s house with a weed trimmer that seemed like a harmless gift. They had no idea that this visit would turn into a nightmare. When they went into Brad’s house and saw that his front door was slightly ajar, they were shocked to find their best friend’s dead body in the basement. Cheri was so scared by what she saw that she called 911 and said, “There’s blood everywhere.” I think I’m going to throw up. “My friend has died!”

The house was so badly broken into that investigators thought it might have been a burglary gone wrong at first, but they quickly realized that the crime scene had been carefully set up. Brad McGarry had a hard life because he was openly gay and had to deal with a lot of problems and discrimination. Still, he had a small group of close friends who loved him just the way he was. His change from being a hairdresser to a coal miner showed how determined he was to live his life as it really was.

Investigation and Arrest in Brad McGarry Mu*rder

At first, it looked like the mu*rder investigation into Brad McGarry had reached a dead end. The case got new life, though, when Brad’s cousin Schuyler Strawser said something shocking. Only a few hours before his tragic death, Brad told Schuyler about someone he vaguely called “DJ.” There were hints that they were dating, and Schuyler’s revelation that “DJ” was actually Brad’s closest friend and confidante David Kinney was a shock.

With this important piece of information, detectives questioned David Kinney and got permission to search his cell phone. The information on his phone showed that he was dating Brad, even though he had been trying to hide it from his wife. At first, David said that on the day of the mu*rder, he had lunch with his wife at a Chinese restaurant, then went on his own to check out trailers and got back home by 3 p.m. His cellphone data, on the other hand, showed that he was at Brad’s house at the time of the mur*der, which was not in line with his alibi.

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