Authorities say that a California nanny ab*used an 8-month-old girl and sent disturbing pictures of the victim online at the request of a man who saw the pictures on social media. The nanny is now facing charges.

According to court records seen by the East Bay Times, Michelle Hidalgo, 28, is accused of molesting the girl after the man asked her to do “worse and worse” things to the baby and then record them.

The man from Antioch was first charged last month with seven counts of “production and distribution of child pornography,” according to a press release from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office on September 26.

New charges were filed against her last week for three more counts of child molestation with a victim younger than 10 and one count of using a minor for se*x acts.

prosecutors said that when a search warrant was served on Hidalgo’s home last month, police took away tools that were used in the disturbing case.

The victim’s family hired Hidalgo as a part-time nanny. Records looked at by the East Bay Times show that she allegedly admitted to sharing the pictures and told an investigator it was a “stupid” mistake that she only did once.

Investigators looked through Hidalgo’s online account and found her allegedly chatting with a man who asked for more se*xy pictures of the baby, according to records from a local news source.

As per the affidavit that KTVU also reported on, the babysitter is said to have said she would se*xually ab*use the child through oral s*ex.

The station reported that when detectives questioned Hidalgo before the new charges were brought, she insisted she did not molest the child.

When police looked through her iCloud account, they allegedly found proof that she was lying, according to prosecutors.

The district attorney’s office said that the alleged ab*use was first brought to their attention by a social media company on September 21 when it was found that se*xually explicit content featuring a young child was being shared on the site.

Police told East Bay Times that the victim’s parents hired Hidalgo without knowing her before the job. They said they met her on

If she is found guilty, she could go to jail for 60 years. For now, she is being held on $2.7 million bail.

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