Ho*micide investigators are piecing together the last moments of a much-loved young restaurant manager whose body was found b*eaten to dea*th just feet from the Laguna Beach bar she left on Saturday night.

Tatum Goodwin, 27, was enjoying a night out with friends at the popular California resort and the party had made its way to Hennessey’s Tavern on Ocean Avenue.

At 2am a local resident reportedly heard sc*reaming and, just over six hours later, a construction worker found her b*ody round the corner in a car park, behind an old movie theatre and the branch of Carmelita’s where she had worked for four years.

“It has affected more than just me.” “It’s hurt so many people on our team,” said Marcos Heredia, manager of the restaurant.

“She didn’t deserve this at all; she’s a lovely person.”

The young woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend and looked “upset” when she left the bar early in the morning is being examined by the Orange County Coroner’s Division.

It is thought that she had a drink at the Marine Bar on the other side of the street at some point in the evening after leaving work and then went to Hennessey’s.

Aleena Macintosh, one of her friends, said, “She was such a kind and honest person.”

“You would never believe that something bad would happen to her.”

“I am unable to think at this time.” What a terrible thing to happen across the street from where I work to someone we all loved very much.

“This world is too mean to people who don’t deserve it.”

Because the young woman from San Clemente’s life ended so quickly, Heredia has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her funeral and make a memorial.

“She worked very hard as a young woman and always had a smile on her face,” he wrote on her page. “Over the years, she had told us how happy she was to be in Laguna and have this chance with us.”

“We really felt like a family member was here with us.”

I need your help to build a memorial in Laguna Beach for our team and a family member who died.

“We still can’t believe it, and we don’t want to forget about her.”

So that everyone in town will never forget our sweet friend Tatum, we are trying to raise money for her memorial services and help build a memorial in the city.

“Please help us honor Tatum. She was found dead in Laguna Beach, and we’re hearing right now that the police are still looking into her de*ath.”

“We are going to do everything we can to help the city and the police with their work and investigations.”

‘We truly need your help to give Tatum the memorial she very much deserves.’

Police are still trying to find Tatum’s phone which is sending out pings in the area of the bar.

‘We are saddened by this senseless act of violence,’ said Laguna Police Department Police Chief Jeff Calvert.

‘Our detectives are working diligently to bring the suspect or suspects to justice.’

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