The 9-year-old girl who went missing from a park in upstate New York has been found safe, and the person who is suspected of taking her is in police custody, officials said Monday.

State Police say Charlotte Sena is “in good health” after she went missing while camping with her family at Moreau Lake State Park on Saturday and going for a bike ride.

Volunteers search woodland near Moreau Lake State Park

Authorities told Charlotte’s mother that the idea that her “trusting” daughter had been taken from a park trail called Loop A, where her bike was found, was “quite possible.”

At first, state police did not say where Charlotte was found or give any information about the suspect’s role.

But people who spoke to the Albany Times Union said that the person in custody has a history of se*xual ab*use cri*mes.

A home in Milton was raided by police Monday evening in connection to the case, the sources said. 
Sources say that the suspect allegedly left a note at Charlotte’s family home, possibly demanding some kind of ransom for her alleged kidnapping.

Police searched a home in Milton on Monday night because it had something to do with the case, the sources said.

They were taken under circumstances that lead police to believe that the child is in imminent da*nger of serious harm and/or de*ath, according to the alert.

Lt. Col. Richard Mazzone of the State Police stated on Monday afternoon that they did not think Charlotte, a resident of Greenfield, was still in the park.

Governor Kathy Hochul praised the “tireless” efforts of police on Monday night at a press conference regarding the missing girl.

In a statement, Hochul said, “We are overjoyed at the news that Charlotte Sena has been located safely this evening after an intense days-long search.” “As her family welcomes her home, our hearts are with them.”

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