When he was younger, Christian Gomez was happy, but when he turned 18, things changed. Rather than spending time with his friends, he spent hours outside talking to God and the stars. He wouldn’t take a shower because he thought his mom was watching him, got angry, and couldn’t keep a job.

Mental Health Decline

The family that Christian lived with was his brother Mario Gomez, their mother Maura Suarez Cassagne, or Pia, and another brother. Maria, his sister, left the house because she was afraid God would hurt her. After all, he had behaved badly around her many times before. Because she was afraid, Pia would not leave them alone together.

Pia slept with a big kitchen knife under her pillow because she was afraid Christian would hurt her while she was asleep. But Pia loved her children and worked hard to help her son get the mental health help he finally got after she ki*lled herself.

The younger brother of Christian, Maria Jose Gomez, said, “My mom loved Christian; she would do anything to protect him.” “But no one could help us.” She talked to therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. They would say “Up his dose of meds” every time something else happened. They didn’t look at Christian carefully enough to understand what was wrong.

Pia knew that the mental health professionals she could afford to treat Christian did not take his health seriously because she could not afford private care or find a bed in a state-run hospital. One doctor said he was schizophrenic, another said he was depressed, and a third said his behavior was caused by bipolar disorder.

Every doctor that Christian saw gave him a prescription based on the diagnosis they thought was best that day and sent him on his way. When the medicines stopped working, they either increased the dose or gave the person a whole new set of medicines.

On December 30, 2014, Christian went to his scheduled therapy session. The therapist told his grandparents, who took him to the appointment, that they should look for a new therapist.

Christian wouldn’t take his medicines. He c*ut off the head of his mother the next day.

Christian Murd*ers Mother

Christian Gomez, who was 23 years old at the time, killed his mother and c*ut off her head on New Year’s Eve 2014.

Christen was asked by Pia to bring some boxes to the basement before the m*urder. Christian was furious when his mother asked, thinking she liked Mario more than him. Christian got an ax from the house, walked to the garage, where his mother was going through things, and hit her over and over in the head and body with it.

That’s how many times and how hard Christian hit his mother that her head came off. He took Pia’s body from the garage to the side yard, where he dumped her head in the trash.

At the time of the mu*rder, Mario was upstairs and didn’t hear the first attack. When he heard noises, he ran downstairs and found his mother’s body without a head. Mario found her head in the trash. After the mur*der, Christian rode off on his bike, but the police caught him soon after.

Christian Charged With First-Degree Mu*rder

At the station, Christian calmly told the police that he had been planning to k*ill his mother for two days because he was sick of her always bothering him. He told police that she wanted him to put boxes away in the attic and that he could no longer handle it.

He told the police that he cu*t off his mother’s head with an ax. He said he put her head in a trash can after that. He said he dragged her body to the side yard because she was too heavy for him to lift.

Christians tried to clean up the blood in the garage but failed, so he rode his bike away from the house.

Case Aftermath

Christian was locked up for three years before doctors said he was mentally fit to stand trial. If found guilty, the now-27-year-old man would have spent the rest of his life in prison. In July 2008, he agreed to a plea deal and was given a 25-year prison sentence. His current due date is November 25, 2039.

Gomez Family Unhappy With Verdict

A lot of the Gomez family doesn’t like the sentence and thinks he should be locked up in a mental hospital instead of a prison cell.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what my family has.” Mario Suarez, Christian’s uncle, said, “It’s not fair.” “He doesn’t need to go to jail.” The man needs to be locked up.

“I wish he could be put to sleep forever so he wouldn’t hurt anyone.” Because he did something crazy. No one k*ills their mom and takes her head. People cut and shoot each other. This was unique. This was bad.

Prior Run-ins With the Law

Christian had been in trouble with the law before. He had been pulled over many times for minor offenses like loitering in the streets that didn’t warrant arrest. He also had a history of resisting arrest without violence, loitering, prowling, and acting in a disorderly manner.

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