A mother from Massachusetts was found de*ad in her home on Sunday. Her four young children told a neighbor about the horrible crime, which led to the start of a manhunt for her “armed and dangerous” husband.

Massachusetts State Police said in news releases that they are looking for Aaron Pennington, 33, who is linked to the de*ath of his wife Breanne Pennington, 30, in the city of Gardner.

An application for a criminal complaint that WCVB got shows that Breanne Pennington was found in an upstairs bedroom with what looked like a gu*nshot wound to her face on Sunday morning.

The four children of the couple—ages 2, 5, 7, and 9—went to a neighbor’s house to ask for help, which is how the crime was found.

In the application, a trooper is said to have written, “Four children came over to her house scared because they couldn’t find their father and their mother was in her bedroom crying.”

“The parents of the four kids were known to live at 42 Cherry Street in Gardner with them.” The kids also said that their dad’s car wasn’t in the driveway of the house anymore.

The victim and three empty shell casings were found in the bedroom, but WCVB said there was no weapon.

CBS News reported that police found Pennington’s white 2013 BMW at a Boy Scout camp in Gardner late Monday afternoon. He was not in the car, though.

Police say that anyone who sees Pennington should not talk to him but should call 911 instead.

Police said that Pennington “may be armed with a firearm.” “You should think of him as dangerous and armed.”

The search continued on Monday when police in Gardner issued a “shelter-in-place” order for people who live near a heavily wooded area of the city, according to the Gardner News.

The Telegram and Gazette said that the husband has been charged with having a g*un without a license to carry.

Their four children alerted neighbors that their father’s car was no longer in the driveway.

Lawyers for the couple said they had “marital issues for quite some time,” according to police documents that the news outlet looked at.

The police wrote that Breanne Pennington planned to leave her husband by moving to Texas with their children.

Police records show that she had a g*un in the house to protect herself, and they also say that Aaron Pennington has “mental issues and had threatened sui*cide.”

The Telegram and Gazette said that the state’s Department of Children and Families has these four kids in its care.

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