Ethan Henderson died on May 8, 2012, when he was 10 and a half weeks old. His sperm donor, Gordon Collins-Faunce, grabbed him by the head and squished his skull before throwing him at a couch in the couple’s RV camper home.

The people who lived in the camper with Ethan were Gordon, his caretaker, Christina Henderson, his twin brother, and an older half-sister.

Ethan was born on February 12, 2012, and was ab*used almost as soon as he got home from the hospital. A daycare worker told Maine Children’s Service that the 3-year-old child came to school with bruises, which could be a sign of ab*use. The worker also said that the twins were sick and not getting the right medical care.

Broken Arm at 4-Weeks-Old

Christina took Ethan to the emergency room on March 28 because she said his arm broke when his dad picked him up from his crib without realizing that his arm was stuck between the slats. The truth was that Gordon got mad while changing the baby’s diaper and grabbed him by the arm, which he later told the police.

Because the injury was likely caused by ab*use, hospital staff should have told the Maine Department of Children’s Services, but they didn’t. Because of this, some of the hospital workers who were in charge of Ethan’s care that day lost their licenses after he died.

13 Child Ab*use Complaints; 2 Investigations

The Children’s Services department didn’t hear about it like most other things they hear about. At least 13 calls to the child ab*use hotline were made about Ethan’s safety in the short time he was alive. Two of the reports were looked into by social workers in the three days before Ethan’s d*eath, but they didn’t find anything strange.

The social worker who visited the camper home in early May wrote in her report that Ethan was well cared for.

Ethan Won’t Stop Crying

She worked on May 5, 2012, and left Ethan and the other kids with Gordon. There were tears in the kids’ eyes when he came back inside after going outside to smoke. When Ethan wouldn’t stop crying, it made him angry. At that point, he held the baby by the head and hung him in the air. He then threw the baby into the couch.

After Ethan started screaming hysterically, Gordon called 9-1-1.

The nurses at the hospital said Ethan was dirty all over and had a terrible diaper rash. The staff found both new and old brain injuries and saw that he was blind in one eye. He could no longer use the left side of his brain at all.

In the hospital for three days, Ethan fought for his life until he died on May 8, 2012.

Gordon admitted to the police that he hurt his son and told them all about it. He also said he was to blame for his son’s broken arm when he was four weeks old. For more information, Gordon told police that he hurt his son’s ribs and many other people.

The Aftermath

Police did not charge Christina with his d*eath because she was not at home when it happened. Child Protective Services did take her other kids away from her. Families who loved them took in the kids.

Gordon admitted to k*illing someone and assaulting someone else. As part of a plea deal, he was given 20 years in prison and 14 years of probation after he got out. When he gets out of jail, he might not be able to talk to his other son at all.

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