Darlie Lynn Peck Routier was born on January 4, 1970 . Rowlett, Texas.
Darin and Darlie Routier met at a restaurant in Lubbock, Texas. Fell in love, and became inseparable.Both got married around August 1988.

Darin and Darlie Routier had 3 beautiful son’s Devon(6 years), Damon(5 years) and Drake(7 months old).

Darin started a company, Testnec, that tested circuit boards for computers and operated it out of their home.

By 1992, their company had earned them a small fortune. The up-and-coming couple yearned to practice the prestige due them and had a house built in Dalrock Heights Addition.

As the years passed by, though, their lavish lifestyles and a few problems with Darin’s businesses resulted in mounting debt.

Fateful day of June 6, 1996:

Darlie Routier and 2 son’s(Devon and Damon) had fallen asleep watching TV in the family room. Her husband, Darian, and their baby son, Drake, were asleep upstairs.

At around 2:30 in the morning, Darlie Routier awoke on her family room couch to see the silhouette of a man walking away from her
in the dark. Then she heard a broken glass sound. So she instinctively followed the man through the end of the kitchen toward the utility room that leads out to a garage.

As the man made his escape, he dropped a large butcher knife onto the floor. Darlie picked up the knife without thinking about it and headed back to the family room where she and her young sons had fallen asleep. Her husband, Darin, and 7-month-old son Drake were asleep in an upstairs bedroom, unharmed. She turned on the lights to find that she and her children had been stabbed and were soaked in blood, thus beginning the worst nightmare and biggest fight of her life.

Then She called 911. And told the operator that her home had been broken in to and that an intruder had stabbed her children, six-year-old Devon and five-year-old Damon, and cut her throat. Police and paramedics arrived within three minutes of the 9–1–1 call.

Devon died due to fatal injury. Darlie and Damon were taken by paramedics and transported to the hospital. Damon died in the paramedics’ care, but Darlie survived and received exploratory surgery on her neck wound at Baylor University Medical Center. The doctors discovered that her neck injury had come within 2 millimeters of her carotid artery.Had the knife severed that artery the wound would have been fatal within minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the Routier’s home, police spent much of the day meticulously investigating the crime scene. When the police where there they saw a cut screen in the garage which seems to indicate that someone cut the screen from the outside step through the screen and headed for the main part of the house and they found bloody footprints on the kitchen floor, broken glass, bloody fingerprints and blood everywhere.Outside of the home, officers conducted a search and located a sock laying near a trash can two houses down from the Routier home.

During the early morning hours of June 6th, Darlie emerged from surgery. Darlie was questioned by detectives. She readily answered the questions of police and cooperated with the

Routier told the police that she had fallen asleep on the couch with her two boys while watching television, only to wake up later and discover an unknown man in her house.
She stated that as she approached him, the man fled, dropping the knife in a utility room as he ran. After picking up the knife and chasing him away,
Routier said she realized that she and her children had been wounded and that she called 9–1–1.
Police found it highly suspicious that Routier and her sons had been severely wounded by an armed intruder without waking her until after the attack had occurred.

Investigators began to doubt her account after finding no blood in the garage or footprints between the garage and the backyard gate, which was undisturbed.

Routier later told the police that description of the intruders was a white male wearing dark clothing.

Darlie was released from the hospital on the 8th June.

On the 14th, Friday, a prayer service was held for the boys at the grave site.Following the prayer service the family held a birthday party for Devon.
The local TV station went out and captured it. Darlie was smiling, chewing gum, and spraying ‘silly-string’ while singing “Happy Birthday.”

On June 18 After few days of the birthday party, Darlie got a phone call from police for further investigation. And Darlie was arrested for two counts of capital mu*rder.

The police claimed that the crime scene was staged and that Darlie inflicted her injuries upon herself.
Their reasoning for this conclusion included the following factors and pieces of evidence, some of which, admittedly, did not look good for her:

  • The mu*rder w*eapon came from the house.
  • No valuables were taken.
  • Blood spatter analysis was inconsistent with Darlie’s version of events.
  • Drops of blood from the boys, which were consistent with castoff from the blade, were found on the back of Darlie’s night shirt.
  • A large amount of blood was found in front of the sink, indicating she stood there bleeding for some time.
  • Fibers believed to be from a sliced screen were discovered adhering to a bread knife from the kitchen.
  • A diary entry from May 3rd of that year indicated that Darlie was contemplating suicide.
  • The Routiers had significant financial problems, including a substantial drop in income from the previous year, credit card debt, a late mortgage payment, and back taxes owed to the IRS.
  • Darin had applied — and been turned down — for a $5,000 loan on June 1st.
  • A videotape of a graveside birthday celebration for Darlie’s late son showed Darlie smiling, chewing gum, and spraying ‘silly string’ while singing “Happy Birthday.”

Routier’s trial began on January 6, 1997, in Kerrville, Texas.

The prosecution’s contention was that Darlie Routier mu*rdered her sons because of the family’s financial difficulties. She was a full-time homemaker but her husband Darin, a small business owner, earned a relatively high income. The family lived in a two-story home in a middle-class neighborhood, drove a mid-sized SUV, owned a used Jaguar automobile and a used boat.

Prosecutors described Routier as a pampered and materialistic woman with substantial debt, plummeting credit ratings, and little money in the bank who feared that her middle class lifestyle was about to end.”Jury also saw the Silly String video. Crime scene James Cron testified that evidence suggested the scene inside the Routier residence had been staged.

On February 1, Routier was convicted of murd*ering Damon. On February 4, she was sentenced to de*ath by lethal injection.

Defense attorneys allege that errors were made during her trial and the investigation of the mu*rders, especially at the crime scene.
They also claim that there is significant exculpatory evidence which was improperly excluded, while questionable prosecution evidence was improperly allowed into evidence. Despite these claims, Routier’s appeals have continually failed.

On January 29, 2014, Chief Judge of the Western District Fred Biery granted a request from prosecution and defense for her case for further DNA tests vital to the defense to be performed on a bloody fingerprint found in the house, a bloody sock and her nightshirt.

Even now, over 26 years later, Darlie Routier still maintains her innocence, asserting that someone broke into the home and attacked her and her children.

Her execution has not been scheduled.

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