Kevin Davis told his mother that he didn’t like people and that he wanted to k*ill himself in the morning of March 27, 2014. He later told police that he was bored and angry with life. Hill is said to have told her son that she couldn’t stop him if that’s what he wanted to do after hearing the statement. Kevin later told the police that those words made him decide to ki*ll his mum.

Kevin came up behind Hill as she sat on the couch in the living room and tried to choke her with a cord. Hill started to sc*ream. Kevin got scared, got a hammer, and started hitting his mother over the head with it. When he hit his mother over the head with the hammer at least 20 times, her skull was split.

After getting a kitchen knife, Kevin put it inside his mother’s head. Police said he told them he “swirled her brain around” to “make sure she was d*ead.” After that, he put his hand inside the wound and said it felt like “putty.”

After his mother died, Kevin dragged her body to her bedroom and raped her. After the cruel act, he went to a neighbor’s house and told them he had k*illed someone and needed help. The neighbour called the police.

Davis Makes a Full Videotaped Confession

Police arrested Davis without incident. At the police station, he made a full confession of the crime, giving details that even seasoned detectives found highly disturbing.

During questioning, Davis told police that he had planned to k*ill his sister too at first, but changed his mind. He also said that having s*ex with de*ad bodies was something he often thought about.

Kevin told the police officer with a smirk that he had never been with a woman before he raped his mother. “I guess I lost my virginity to a corpse,” he said with a soft laugh.

Why Did Kevin Davis M*urder His Mother?

What did Kimberly Hill do to warrant such a violent de*ath? Nothing warrants a son m*urdering and s*exually as*saulting his mother, of course, and Kevin could not give detectives one good reason for the crime.

Kevin thought she was a great mum and didn’t deserve what he did to her. After calling her the “best mother in the world,” he said, “I am a terrible, disgusting person.”

It was true that Kevin was a serial kil*ler in the making. He was a psychopath who found pleasure in hurting other people. A psychologist said he had antisocial personality disorder, but the doctor said he knew what was right and wrong when he ki*lled and raped his mother.

He freely admitted that he would ki*ll again if he got out of jail.

Kevin rode his bike out of the house after the m*urder and left notes for the police. “Chase me,” one note said. I’m sorry for the mess. KD.” But after a while, Kevin went back to the house.

Davis Pleads Not Guilty; Sentenced to Life

Despite admitting to the m*urder and making a videotaped confession, Kevin Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges in court. He later changed the plea. Davis smiled at the jury as they sentenced him to life in prison. He serves his time at the Jester IV facility in Richmond, Texas, and is eligible for parole in March 2044.

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