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Actor and also comic Dick Van Dyke passed away in December 2022.

In December 2022, one more instance in a relatively limitless collection of star death scams on social networks was offered our focus, this time around insisting that American star and also comic Dick Van Dyke was dead. A Facebook message we discovered duplicated throughout several web pages was labelled (nonsensically), “We Have Extremely Sad News for 96-Year-old Dick Van Dyke As He Is Confirmed To Be…” However, Van Dyke– that had simply, as a matter of fact, commemorated his 97th birthday celebration, was not dead, neither did the Facebook message or the suspicious-looking site the message connected to state anything concerning exactly how or when he allegedly passed away.

We discovered no trustworthy coverage from any type of genuine information resources that claimed Van Dyke was dead. To the contrary, we discovered a wide variety of report of a very-much-alive Van Dyke being sighted in Southern California quickly prior to hisDec 13 birthday celebration. The messages declaring he passed away (see listed below) were a hoax.

Dick Van Dyke did not die in December 2022

The message connected to a web site with the link, which we discovered to include a spammy-looking web page with a solitary picture and also a brief block of message plagiarised from an April 2021 newspaper article in the Daily Mail duplicated over and also over right down the web page. Unlike extremely comparable scams we have actually covered, this did not show up to have a pop-up asking individuals to set up a software program data that was most likely malware– yet it’s something visitors must look out for.

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Website falsely claims that Dick Van Dyke is dead.

With these sort of death scams, we recommend that visitors wage care prior to relying on them, or sharing them. If a supposed death news on social networks points out “very sad news” or a “tearful farewell” and also reveals an unusual image beside a coffin, it may be a hoax. If you share it, the joke (or even worse) will certainly get on you.


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