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Martial arts and also movie symbol Bruce Lee passed away from drinking way too much water.


The idea that Bruce Lee might have passed away from a problem called hyponatremia is an unverified theory advanced by clinical scientists.

Officially, fighting styles and also movie tale Bruce Lee passed away in 1973 from analytical edema, or swelling of the mind, triggered by a response to prescription drug.

But that easy description regarding just how an obviously healthy and balanced boy that appeared unyielding onscreen was removed so all of a sudden really did not agree with followers, and also because his passing away, lots of have actually recommended their very own concepts, a few of them fairly ridiculous. Was it a murder by a criminal offense distribute? An old curse on his family members? Murder by a claimed girlfriend in a criminal offense of enthusiasm worthwhile of the cinema? None of these ideas are started in realities, yet, possibly owing to Lee’s condition as social symbol, they have actually lingered fifty years after his fatality.

In rather much more based descriptions, some have actually brushed over his postmortem examination record, creating numerous clinical theories. For instance, a 2018 bio recommended that Lee passed away from warm stroke, making up the reality that he had a few of his gland operatively got rid of.

In November 2022, kidney professionals released a paper drifting a brand-new concept: Did Lee die from a problem called hyponatremia, which results from an extraordinarily reduced equilibrium of salt in the system? In a paper for Clinical Kidney Journal, researchers recommended that Lee might have had way too much water on the day of his fatality, and also his kidneys did not have the capability to adequately lose it from his system:

The necropsy revealed analytical oedema. A previous episode was detected as analytical oedema 2 months previously. We currently suggest, based upon an evaluation of openly readily available info, that the reason of fatality was analytical oedema because of hyponatraemia. In various other words, we suggest that the kidney’s failure to eliminate excess water eliminatedBruce Lee

The scientists think that Lee had a number of threat aspects for the illness, consisting of aspects advertising “high chronic fluid intake,” such as cannabis usage, and also aspects that would certainly lower his capability to eliminate sufficient of it, like prescription medications. Lee likewise had a background of extreme and also extended workout (to place it slightly) and also kidney injury. They likewise kept in mind “evidence that he was repeatedly drinking water on the day of his death.”

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Drinking water might feel like one of the most harmless and also also healthiest task, and also in the frustrating bulk of circumstances, it is. But in uncommon situations, if a person beverages way too much water and also does not pee it off, it can toss the body’s chemical equilibrium precariously out of order and also transform dangerous. Such was one such instance pointed out by the scientists in the paper concerning Bruce Lee.

Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old from Northern California, passed away in 2007 after taking part in a radio terminal’s competition called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii,” in which candidates consumed alcohol big quantities of water and also really did not pee, in hopes of winning aNintendo Wii Bay Area information website SFGate reported that although Strange was the only individual that passed away as an outcome of the competition, various other candidates ended up being badly ill.

As of currently, we are score this case “Unproven” since it is just a theory advanced by clinical scientists. We will certainly review this tale when and also if we run into more proof sustaining or negating it.


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