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UNITED STATERep Lauren Boebert and also UNITED STATERep Matt Gaetz did not join the applause for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as he offered a speech at the united state Capitol in late 2022.

What’s True

At countless circumstances throughout Zelenskyy’s speech, both Gaetz and also Boebert were seen taking a seat while lawmakers around them took part in an applause. However …

What’s False

… They were seen standing with everybody else at various other minutes in the speech.

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy addressed the UNITED STATE Congress onDec 21, 2022, to thank them for their assistance and also to demand even more help in the middle of the recurring intrusion of Russia inUkraine Though Zelenskyy got numerous applause and also roaring praise from both celebrations throughout his speech,Republicans Rep Matt Gaetz and alsoRep Lauren Boebert did not show up to share in the excitement.

One clip from C-SPAN also went viral, in which they showed up to continue to be seated as others around them stood and also slapped:

While this clip is undoubtedly exact, Gaetz and also Boebert did stand at various factors in the speech, especially towards completion, and also stood for Zelenskyy’s separation.

They were seen standing at the extremely starting as they waited for Zelenskyy’s arrival. Gaetz remains in a grey match, and also Boebert remains in a white gown. They can be seen basing on the top fifty percent, towards the facility of this shot.

(Screenshot/ C-SPAN)

At around 14 minutes, Gaetz and also Boebert were seen standing and also talking with various other participants of theHouse As Zelenskyy went into and also stood at the platform, the target market stood and also slapped to welcome him. Gaetz and also Boebert stood together with everybody else, though it was hard to identify if they were praising, too. Gaetz’s arms showed up to be by his side as he leaned down to talkto Boebert

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(Screenshot/ C-SPAN)

As Zelenskyy started talking, he got a variety of standing ovations in which it was vague whether Gaetz and also Boebert were resting. At the 32-minute mark they can be seen resting together with everybody else, paying attentionto Zelenskyy At 34 mins, when nearly everybody might be seen providing Zelenskyy an applause, the cam cut to Gaetz and also Boebert that were currently seated as individuals around them took their seats. They both showed up to be overlooking at their laps. It is extremely most likely they never ever stood for the applause.

(Screenshot/ C-SPAN)

The minute occurred right after the 34-minute mark in the video clip listed below:

Zelenskyy stated, “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.” At 35:27 an additional applause happened hereafter declaration, and also as individuals took a seat, with this wide-camera shot Gaetz and also Boebert can be seen seated (noted with the red arrowhead), having not stood in any way because minute.

(Screenshot/ C-SPAN)

That minute can be seen in the video clip, from the 35:25 mark:

The group stood up once again as Zelenskyy stated, “Russia” and also stopped, and also Boebert and also Gaetz stayed seated together with a few other lawmakers.

They did nonetheless join the applause in the future in his speech. At around 42:35, Gaetz can be seen standing, though Boebert is not noticeable from this angle. At the 46:43 mark, as Zelenskyy leaves while holding the American flag, they can be seen standing together with everybody else:

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In this Getty Image, they can likewise be seen standing together with everybody else (the top right of the structure):

But in this one, they are seated as everybody around them offers an applause:

They are both vocal opponents of sending out Ukraine help. Gaetz published on Twitter right after the speech:

Boebert likewise revealed compassion for individuals of Ukraine however required a “full audit” of where united state cash for Ukraine had actually currently preceded she would certainly sustain sending out even more cash, and also gotten in touch with Biden to do even more “at home” to safeguard the “southern border.”

Given that both did rest for considerable applause, however signed up with various other standing ovations later on in the speech, we rank this case a “Mixture.”

Finally, we must include both made information for safety and security associated to Zelenskyy’s browse through, too.


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