Kimberley Jackson

Kimberley Jackson was taken from her stroller in the back yard of her home in January 1968. An hour and a half later, the 5-month-old baby girl was found face down in a pool of water at Billingham Bottoms. The girl had been drowned as a baby.

In a terrible turn of events, her mother Sandra djan had seen a teenage boy pushing a pram like hers past the flats on Carmel gardens, but she didn’t think anything of it. Minutes later, after taking a bath and making Kimberly’s bottle, she was horrified to see the pram, and her precious baby girl was gone.

The baby rattles Kimberly had been playing with were found in an alley next to the apartments. The killer probably did this so he or she could get away without being heard.

A murder investigation was started, which led to a search across the country. Her distraught mother goes to schools in the area to try to find the teenage boy who killed her daughter.

But the person who killed Kimberly has never been found, and her case is still UNSOLVED.

She can remember the day Kimberly went missing as if it were yesterday.

“I was getting Kimberly’s bath and bottle ready while she was in her stroller by the back door. The wind was making noise from the rattles on her stroller. She spoke.

“I went outside after five minutes, but she was gone. I ran down the alley, where her rattles were lying on the ground.

“She was found face down in a pool of water in Billingham Bottoms an hour and a half later.”

Reports say that the stroller was left in a small parking lot at Amble View that looked out over Billingham Bottoms.

Concerned neighbors called the police about the stroller, which brought officers to the area. Shortly after that, the baby’s body was found.

Ms. Djan said she felt guilty because she had seen the killer leave with her child and hadn’t done anything to stop him.

She also said, “I saw a teenager outside the window pushing a stroller that looked like mine, but I didn’t realize it was mine.”

“I didn’t think about it again after she left.”

“This boy had taken her, carried her across some waste land, and drowned her, but I never knew who he was.”

“The fact that I saw him take my baby away kills me, and I’ve been depressed my whole life because of it.”

The suspect was about 14 years old and wore a long, hooded, green coat.

If you know anything about the murder, you can call the Cleveland Police Department at 101 or Crimestoppers at 0800 555111.

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