On Halloween night, Nima’s parents put her to bed like they did every other night. The next morning, when Nima’s mother got up, she was shocked to find her daughter gone and her bed empty. The child had left a locked house.

As it had been the night before, the door to the house was locked tight, but there was no sign of baby Nima. It took a month before her small body was found in a fridge in an old, empty house near where she lived.

She had died of suffocation, and both her mother and father passed a lie detector test that proved they were not the ones who took and killed their daughter.

But no one else was in the house on Halloween night, 1977, so who took Nima?

In the small town of Lawton, Oklahoma, there were strange signs that something bad was about to happen.

Just two months before Nima was taken, the family’s beloved dog was poisoned and found dead. Then, a few days later, they go back to their house and find that it has been broken into.

Two years ago, two twin girls’ favorite babysitter got them out of the house. They were taken to a house that had been abandoned and put in an old refrigerator.

Mary suffocated and died 2 days after they were taken, but her twin sister Augustine was still yelling for help.

Children who were playing nearby heard her screams, and she was saved. Augustine told everyone that her babysitter did it, but it took 3 years for the babysitter to be found guilty, even though there were witnesses.

Nima was also watched by the babysitter. Nima wasn’t with her that night, but the little girl was crying in her crib.
George and Rose, on the other hand, believed in the “cry it out” method.

Even though Nima was upset when her parents put her to bed, they let her “fuss it out” throughout the night. A choice that would always haunt them.

When the babysitter was arrested and charged, she wouldn’t talk about what happened to Nima.
She was put away for life in prison in 1979.

George was never sure that Nima’s death was caused by the killer babysitter.

On that terrible night, who took Nima?

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