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Elon Musk has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania.


Musk carries previous events declared he got this degree in 1995, however the University of Pennsylvania states it was granted in 1997.

A thread authored by the Twitter account “Capitol Hunters” went viral in December 2022 when it affirmed that billionaire Elon Musk existed concerning his instructional history, particularly relating to a bachelor of arts degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania, in addition to his insurance claim of participating in, quickly, aPh D. program atStanford This write-up checks out the dispute around the physics degree.

Musk’s Statements

In very early bios, Musk mentioned he got levels in business economics as well as physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995. In a 2002 SEC filing for the firm PayPal, for instance, Musk offered this info concerning his instructional as well as specialist history:

Mr Musk co-founded Zip2Corp in 1995 where he functioned in a variety of functions consisting of Chairman, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER as well as CTO from 1995 to February 1999.Mr Musk got a B.S. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1995.

In a 2007 lawsuit declaring that Musk swiped organization tricks, net marketing business owner John O’Reilly filed a claim against Musk over presumably incorrect declarations Musk made to safeguard a company conference with him in 1995. In that declaring, O’Reilly declared:

Musk has actually incorrectly declared to have a degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania that he acquired in 1995, when in truth he has no such degree as well as the only degree he holds was acquired behind that. Upon info as well as idea, Musk’s just well-known bachelor’s degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics, acquired from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997.

The match, which finished with a ruling in Musk’s support, participated in the general public document duplicates of Musk’s diplomas. These records were after that made use of in a 2009 claim submitted by Tesla owner Martin Eberhard, that charged Musk of “taking control of the company [Tesla], orchestrating his ouster in 2007 and attempting to ‘rewrite history’ to take credit for developing the pioneering electric Roadster the two men worked together to create.”

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The instance was resolved out of court, however Musk mentioned his scholastic history throughout a deposition urged by this instance. Musk, in that circumstances, equivocated concerning the timing of when he in fact got these levels.

Q.Okay So you got a B.S. in Computational Physics from Penn?
Musk: Yeah.


Musk: Actually, I ought to be clear concerning that. So, I acquired the one Graduate degree in Business as well as Physics however [had] an arrangement with the. University ofPennsylvania They stated that I might have. I might finish the English as well as History credit rating when I was no more a pupil atStanford So they would certainly postpone transferring the degree till I had actually done that.”

This description additionally turns up in an very early version of a bio of Musk created by press reporterAshlee Vance Vance was not able to validate the certain scholastic timeline in Musk’s very early bios. In an appendix, nevertheless, Vance discussed his research study on the subject as well as consisted of Musk’s description for the inconsistency in days as well as levels:

While playing investigative, O’Reilly discovered some info concerning Musk’s past that’s perhaps a lot more fascinating than the claims in the claim. He located that the University of Pennsylvania provided Musk’s levels in 1997– 2 years behind what Musk has actually mentioned. I called Penn’s registrar as well as confirmed these searchings for. Copies of Musk’s documents reveal that he got a twin degree in business economics as well as physics in May 1997.

Musk … had an description for the strange timing on his levels fromPenn “I had a History and an English credit that I agreed with Penn that I would do at Stanford,” he stated. “Then I put Stanford on deferment. Later, Penn’s requirements changed so that you don’t need the English and History credit. So then they awarded me the degree in ’97 when it was clear I was not going to go to grad school, and their requirement was no longer there.”

“I finished everything that was needed for a Wharton degree in ’94. They’d actually mailed me a Wharton degree. I decided to spend another year and finished the physics degree, but then there was that History and English credit thing. I was only reminded about the History and English thing when I tried to get an H-1B visa and called the school to get a copy of my graduation certificate, and they said I hadn’t graduated. Then they looked into the new requirements, and said it was fine.”

The descriptions for the hold-up in degree giving are not completely constant, the Capitol Hunters Twitter account noted, which account has actually additionally brought into question the presence of the “new requirements” relating to History as well as English that would certainly have helped with Musk’s being provided a degree after the truth.

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Penn’s Documentation as well as Statements

Another location of dispute worries the look as well as nature of the physics degree, particularly. Certificates of both a Penn business economics degree as well as an affirmed physics degree are consisted of in documents submitted as component of the O’Reilly as well as Eberhard claims. While the business economics diploma submitted as proof particularly suggests the scholastic technique, name, as well as various other information included in the degree, the physics diploma seems a greatly empty diploma as well as suggests no certain focus:

( @CapitolHunters)

The University of Pennsylvania Department of Physics as well as Astronomy does define Musk as an graduate. In 2009– the very same year the conflict with Eberhard was prosecuted– Musk provided Penn’s Center for Particle Cosmology a “generous endowment” enabling an yearly “Elon Musk Public Lecture”:

The Elon Musk Public Lecture is implemented with a charitable endowment talented to the Center for Particle Cosmology in 2009 – its inaugural year.Mr Musk is an graduate of the Department of Physics as well as Astronomy at Penn, as well as a happy supporter for the prep work that a physics education and learning supplies in various professions.

In 2019, Aaron Greenspan, proprietor of the lawful site Plainsite, in addition to a regular critic of, as well as plaintiff versus, Elon Musk, asked Penn for a declaration on Musk’s levels. In response, the college’s public events workplace mentioned that:

Elon Musk gained a B.A. in physics as well as a B.S. in business economics (focus: financing as well as business monitoring) from the University ofPennsylvania The levels were granted on May 19, 1997.

The Bottom Line

The University of Pennsylvania takes into consideration Musk to be a grad of both the business economics division as well as the physics division. Musk’s previous declarations concerning his instructional history, nevertheless, have been, at ideal, inaccurate. He has actually declared on numerous events to have obtained a physics degree in 1995– an insurance claim that was never ever completely real however which might have helped Musk’s very early organization job.

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