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A flag offered to UNITED STATE House Speaker Pelosi as well as Vice President Harris by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy throughout a joint session of Congress in December 2022 included Nazi “SS” runes.


The message concerned states “46 ДШВ” as well as most likely refers to Ukraine’s 46th Separate Airmobile Brigade, which was granted nationwide honors by President Zelenskyy onDec 6, 2022.

On Dec 21, 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy attended to a joint session of Congress concerning Ukraine’s continuous battle to free the nation from Russian line of work. During that speech, he talented a Ukrainian fight flag to UNITED STATE House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well asVice President Kamala Harris He described the present in this manner:

When I remained in Bakhmut the other day, our heroes gave me the flag, the fight flag, the flag of those that safeguard Ukraine, Europe as well as the globe at the price of their lives. They asked me to bring this flag to you, to the UNITED STATE Congress, to participants of the House of Representatives as well as legislators whose choices can conserve numerous individuals.

So, allow these choices be taken. Let this flag stick with you, girls as well as gents. This flag is an icon of our triumph in this battle. We stand, we battle as well as we will certainly win since we are unified– Ukraine, America as well as the whole complimentary globe.

Following the speech, rare cases that a person had actually put Nazi importance right into the flag showed up on social networks:

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The photo over is turned flat as the message presents in reverse in the initial photo. Below is a closer image of that area from a different image that has actually additionally been turned in the exact same style:

The message took “SS” is plainly the number “46,” complied with by the Cyrillic personalities “ДШВ.” This follows Zelenskyy’s summary of the flag as well as the trademarks on it, as “46 ДШВ” is shorthand for “46 окрема десантно-штурмова бригада,” or the 46thSeparate Airmobile Brigade As described in Forbes, this device has actually been an essential component of the Battle of Bakhmut referenced by Zelenskyy:

The Ukrainian brigades around Bakhmut–the 60th as well as 71st Infantry Brigades, the 24th, 57th as well as 58th Mechanized Brigades, the fourth Tank Brigade, the 46th Air Mobile Brigade, the 128th Mountain Brigade as well as others– stand for the finest of Kyiv’s energetic military, which in 10 months of difficult combating has actually expanded with brand-new as well as larger tools while additionally equating substantial field of battle experience right into much better methods as well as small-unit management. […]

The fight for Bakhmut is continuous. Wagner struck– once more– recently. The Ukrainian counterattacked– once more– today. By Wednesday the cutting edges were secure sufficient for Zelensky to decrease right into Bakhmut for a fast go to with the regional fort. A day later on, Zelensky was en path to Washington, D.C. to address the UNITED STATE Congress.

On Dec 6, 2022, head of state Zelenskyy authorized a decree applauding the devices’ “courage and heroism shown during the defense of state sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

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Because the number does disappoint Nazi SS runes, the case is “False.”


About Being Awarded the Honorary Award “For Courage and Courage.”

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