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A viral photo authentically reveals lightning striking the Christ Redeemer Statue near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On Feb 11, 2023, a photo of the Brazilian statuary referred to as Christ the Redeemer started to go viral throughout systems. It revealed the statuary being struck by lightning the evening prior to. We located it to be genuine.

The photo has numerous sights throughout systems like Twitter, TikTok as well asReddit Christ the Redeemer is among the most preferred vacationer destinations in Brazil, situated outside the nation’s capitol city Rio de Janeiro.

Reverse picture searches really did not disclose any kind of clear indicators it was misstated or originated from an area apart from the one asserted.

It has actually been reported by numerous magazines, consisting of Catholic News Agency, that the photo was taken by Brazilian digital photographer Fernando Braga onFeb 10, 2023. Braga’s Instagram account consists of various images of Christ the Redeemer, consisting of ones revealing the statuary before the moon as well as when aircrafts have actually gone by

We connected to Braga as well as will certainly upgrade this check if we listen to anything back.

Some on social networks have asserted the lightning strike is pythonic. However, this is much from the very first time Christ the Redeemer has actually been struck by lightning. Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research has actually claimed the statuary is struck by lightning approximately 5 times yearly, according to Atlas Obscura

In 2008, it was likewise struck on the head as well as was minimally harmed. Six years later on, in 2014, the statuary needed to be fixed after it was struck on the hand.

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