Former friends of the beautiful Russian equestrian accused of hiring a hit man to k*ill her husband told The Post that she was “se*x-crazed” and only went after rich men.

Tatyana Remley, age 42, is being held in a San Diego jail after being arrested on August 2 for trying to get her husband Mark Remley ki*lled. This is a far cry from her life of high fashion, parties, and polo matches, where she is said to have planned to meet men and women to date.

A former friend who did not want to be named told The Post, “She started with the polo players and pretty soon started going after the rich men.”

“She was horny, and a few of the guys took advantage of her. People notice you when you have a body like that.

“Tatyana did some pretty bad things, and she also had a girlfriend. And she wasn’t getting caught.”

Former friends of Remley, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, say that the plump beauty didn’t talk much about her past, but she did say she was Russian and had a background in dressage, a highly specialized form of horse riding and horse show.

A friend told The Post, “She was nice, really nice, and friendly to everyone.”

Remley’s good looks and love of horses got her into the elite world of polo in San Diego, which is Prince Harry’s favorite sport. She quickly “started dating around” and had many se*xual relationships with both men and women before she met her future husband Mark.

The friend also said, “It was clear that she had Mark in her grip, and she was determined to get what she wanted.”

Friends said that Mark and Remley hit it off right away because Mark had just gotten out of a divorce when they met. Friends said that the pretty blonde was a lot of fun and seemed to love Mark a lot. Soon, they couldn’t stay apart.

Both Remley and Mark had children from previous relationships, and friends say that Mark helped pay Remley’s legal fees as she tried to get custody of her two kids.

“I’ve always wondered how she got someone like Mark,” said a former friend who also didn’t want to be named because they were afraid of what Remley would do. “Everyone who is honest thinks… she was incredibly lucky.”

Friends said that Remley was sometimes crazy and got depressed when she lost custody of her kids after a rough custody battle.

Mark tried to make her feel better by “giving her whatever she wanted,” as one friend put it.

One of these requests, which Remley’s friends say were more like demands, was to make a show called Valitar, which he hoped would be as popular as the equestrian acrobatic show Cavalia.

The plan was to bring the show to Del Mar, California, before the more popular Cavalia came to town and stole its audience.

Remley told a reporter in 2012 about her show, “It’s like Cirque du Soleil with horses,” according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

But Valitar was doomed to fail before it even started. The Remleys didn’t sell as many tickets as they had hoped, and workers like riders, acrobats, and set builders didn’t get paid.

In the end, Mark Remley had to file for bankruptcy for the company he set up to run Valitar in December 2012.

“They didn’t know what they were doing about anything,” said Erik Martonovich, who is in charge of Valitar. “They didn’t like horses and they didn’t like shows.”

After Valitar fell apart in a big way, the couple ran away to Hawaii to hide out. Remley decided after a few years that she wanted to move back to San Diego and start her own polo team.

Some friends didn’t like the idea because they knew she wasn’t a strong rider, which is important in the sport of polo, which can be dangerous.

Remley talked her husband into spending a lot of money on five horses. She then asked old friends to help her put together the team, which she wanted to lead.

“I knew she wasn’t a very good rider, but she thought she was a superstar,” said another friend to The Post.

The Remleys put together a team of good polo players, and in August 2015, they played their first game at the San Diego Polo Club.

But sources say that just a few minutes into the first match, Remley fell off her horse and broke her arm.

Even though the Remleys’ team lost, their friends said that they drank champagne and had a party after the game.

But just like Valitar, the couple’s hopes for their polo team fell apart. Friends say that Tatyana Remley just decided one day that she didn’t want to play polo anymore and sold all of the horses.

Friends said that even though Mark lost more money, he still took care of his wife and bought her new trailers, trucks, and even a Rolls Royce.

Their fancy ranch in Del Mar, San Diego, also had other animals, like goats and parrots, which Tatyana Remley loved very much.

Around April, Tatyana Remley told people that she and her husband were going to the National Polo Center in Wellington, Florida.

But then things got worse between the two. Tatyana Remley asked for a divorce on July 11, saying that her husband and his friends threatened her on May 21 in the middle of the night.

Tatyana Remley said in her declaration, “They broke into my room and held a gun to my head.” “One of his friends raped me, and he also told me he was going to k*ill me. This was going on while Respondent looked on and laughed, letting his friends move on.

“They went to my yard to break my expensive horse statue and put the horse’s head on my bed in a Godfather-style move.”

Remley also said that her husband was addicted to cocaine and often got violent because he was mentally ill.

But people who knew the couple and spent time with them don’t believe Remley’s claims. They said that they were both “into cigars and vodka,” but they never saw Mark do drugs.

Mark even spoiled his wife, but that stopped when she told a mutual friend in early July about her plan to hire someone to k*ill her. He confirmed this to The Coast News.

The shocked husband went to the police, who set up a sting operation against Remley on August 2 at a Starbucks on Loma Santa Fe Drive. She is also said to have brought three guns and a “down payment” when she met the detective who was pretending to be a hit man.

Officials with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said, “She told us in detail how she wanted her husband k*illed and his body thrown away.”

Friends from the polo circuit who used to know the couple were shocked, but they also said that Remley’s alleged actions didn’t surprise them.

“I was surprised that she would be that mean, but I know a couple guys who “played” with her and they said she was an icy b—h,” the former friend said.

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