After a young mother was discovered de*ad on the side of the road in Seminole County last year, a family is searching for answer.

The body of the 23-year-old was found, and while the case is still unsolved, investigators believe it was a hit-and-run.

Investigators hoped that new footage released a few months ago would provide light on this woman’s d*eath.

The victim’s family wants answers, and no one has been taken into custody.

Mother Amanda Langston remarked, “Faithe was really inventive.” She was feisty. She had a bitch.”

Before Faithe Ely, 23, was discovered d*ead on Highway 56 close to EW 1320, her mother claims that she spoke with her daughter for approximately four hours.

“We talked about her new job, we talked about her getting a vehicle so she could be mobile,” Langston recalled. “We talked about her and her son.”

Ely’s mother says that Faithe wasn’t the kind to run away, especially not with her children around, so the unsolved crime remains a mystery.

“I assured her that her children would be safe in the event of an emergency,” sister Kaitlynn Alderman remarked. “That is just my job and the promise that I am keeping for her.”

Investigators released this video from a nearby business in early August, hoping to get answers into how she died and who k*illed her.

The family has their own theory into what happened, believing she was k*illed by someone else and dumped.

“I believe that there was somebody responsible for it,” Langston said. “I do not believe there was a vehicle involved at all. There is such a lack of evidence that a vehicle was involved at all.”

The case has been passed from OSBI to OHP and the family says they are still holding out for answers.

“We need somebody to know what happened,” Langston said. “Tell us why this happened. How it happened. Who did this? That is what we need to know.”

Ely’s family says they will be in Seminole County on Wednesday posting more of the flyers and the reward has been raised to $2,500 for information leading to an arrest.

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