A Florida prisoner who was already on death row for mur*dering another prisoner has received a second death sentence for murdering a different prisoner.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, Rocky Ali Beamon, age 41, received his new sentence last week. In August, he pleaded guilty to first-degree mu*rder.

Beamon allegedly strangled and stabbed Nicholas Anderson, 27, in January 2017 at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Milton, where they shared a cell.

In July of 2012, he fatally suffocated and stabbed Bruce Hunsicker in the shower area of the Apalachee Correctional Institution in Sneads, Georgia. Beamon claimed that he mu*rdered Hunsicker because he was a sexual offender.

Beamon was serving a life sentence for a 2005 Hillsborough County mur*der case.

Beamon was sentenced to life in prison on charges of mu*rder, kidnapping, and robbery pursuant to a 2005 plea agreement.

Debbie Lacey’s sister told sheriff’s deputies on February 13, 2015, that she had not seen her for a week. Four days later, two men driving her 1998 Lincoln Continental were arrested by deputies. Several days prior, the men claimed to have traded crack cocaine for the vehicle.

On the same day they discovered the vehicle, deputies in Seffner discovered Lacey’s body in a wooded area near Mirror Lake.

Investigators traced the Lincoln to Beamon and his girlfriend, Karen Wilkins, within hours of discovering Lacey. The couple confessed that they attempted to rob Lacey. Deputies said Beamon told them he struck her with a stick, bound her hands behind her back, and taped her mouth.

Deputies say he also admitted submerging her head until she drowned.

Wilkins pled guilty to the charges of second-degree mu*rder, kidnapping, and robbery. She was given a 30-year prison term and a 10-year probationary period.

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