Sara Packer formerly worked as a county adoption supervisor in Doylestown, PA. Over the years, she fostered dozens of kids. Grace was among those kids. She eventually adopted the girl when she was 9-years-old. Grace had been through the system most of her life. Past reports included allegations of molestation, although officials were not sure who molested her. Little did anyone know that Sara had evil intentions in her mind. Grace was nothing more than a paycheck for Sara and she despised the girl.

In 2016, five years after the adoption, Sara, along with her boyfriend Jacob Sullivan, ra*ped, tor*tured, and mu*rdered Grace. She was 14 years old.

The horrific details of the crime are something out of a horror movie.

Ra*pe-M*urder Fantasy

Sara says that her boyfriend Jacob told her about a lie he wanted to tell her about a ra*pe and mu*rder. For some time, he had these dreams and now he felt like making them come true. Sara was told by Jacob that he thought Grace would make a great “victim.” Sara agreed, and she planned the strike for months. Then Sara helped with the acts and watched as Grace, who was 14, died.

Jacob told a completely different story. He said that Sara came up with the idea and that he was just trying to make her happy. Jacob said that Sara “didn’t like Grace and wanted her to leave.” He said that he had hit Grace and raped the girl. He also stated that he wanted it to “be fun” for the teen.

Psychologists told the judge that Sullivan was “dominated” by Sara Packer and wanted to please her very much. They also said that Packer came up with the idea for the ra*pe dream. He then said that Sara ran the relationship and used him, which the woman strongly denied, saying that it was actually him who ran the relationship. The same expert told the judge that he wasn’t sure if Sullivan, who had an IQ in the “superior intelligence” range, had lied to get a better outcome in the case.

Details of the Crime

Sara said that she and Jacob took the teen to an old, empty house and took her to the attic, where she helped Jacob tie Grace’s hands and feet together with zip ties and put a ball gag in her mouth. Sara said that they gave her an injection of drugs that they meant to ki*ll her. At that point, she saw Jacob se*xually attack the teen.

The couple left the attic, leaving Sara behind to swelter to de*ath in the hot attic.

Grace did not die.

She tried very hard to get out of the binds and was able to take off some of them. After about 12 hours, Sara and Jacob came back, but she hadn’t left the house yet.

Because Jacob was mad that Grace was still alive, he choked her to de*ath while Sara held her hand to “comfort” her.

They put Grace’s body in cat litter in the hopes that it would get rid of the smell. After a few months, Sara and Jacob took Grace’s body apart and threw the pieces in a wild area in northeastern Pennsylvania. In October 2016, hunters found the body parts.

“I got wrapped up in Jake’s fantasy,” Sara Packer said. “I didn’t think I could tell him no without losing him.”

Packer, Sullivan Sentenced

During Sara’s 2019 sentencing, Bucks County Judge Diane Gibbons told the woman that she had found one of her own in her husband, Jacob. The judge went on to say, “You like ra*pe. You like mur*der. That’s a fact.”

Sara did not deserve the de*ath sentence. She got a life term in prison. In 2019, Jacob was given the de*ath sentence. He passed away naturally in jail in May 2020.

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