Corpus Christi resident Kevin Davis strangled his mother before hitting her in the head with a hammer, splitting her skull. Davis then ‘swirled’ her brain around before s*exually as*saulting her corpse. Davis was sentenced to life in p*rison for the crime of a mom who he described as “The best.”

“I’ll Ki*ll My Mom Instead”

On the morning of March 27, 2014, Kevin Davis, who later told police that he was bored and frustrated with life, told his mother he did not like people and that he wanted to commit suicide. Obviously caught off guard by the statement, Hill allegedly told her son that she could not stop him if that was what he wanted to do. Kevin later told police those words convinced him to k*ill his mother.

As Hill sat on the couch in the living room, Kevin came up behind her, attempting to strangle her with a cord. Hill began screaming. Kevin panicked, retrieved a hammer, and began bashing in his mother’s skull. He struck his mother in the head with the hammer at least 20 times, splitting her skull in the process.

Kevin then retrieved a kitchen knife and inserted it inside his mother’s head. He confessed to police that he “swirled her brain around” to “make sure she was dead.” After, he inserted his hand inside of the wound, saying that it felt like “putty.”

Kevin then dragged his mother’s lifeless body to her bedroom and ra*ped her corpse. When he finished the sadistic act, he went to a neighbor’s house, saying he just ki*lled someone and needed help. The neighbor dialed 911.

Davis Makes a Full Videotaped Confession

Police arrested Davis without incident. At the police station, he made a full confession of the crime, giving details that even seasoned detectives found highly disturbing.

During the interrogation, Davis told detectives that he originally planned on ki*lling his sister, too, but changed his mind. He further admitted that he often fantasized about having se*x with dead bodies.

With a smirk on his face, Kevin also told the detective that he was a virgin before he ra*ped his mother. He stated, “I guess I lost my virginity to a corpse,” as he gently laughed.

Why Did Kevin Davis Mur*der His Mother?

What did Kimberly Hill do to warrant such a violent de*ath? Nothing warrants a son murd*ering and se*xually assaulting his mother, of course, and Kevin could not give detectives one good reason for the crime.

According to Kevin, she was a great mom who did not deserve what he had done to her. He said that she was the “best mother in the world,” and went on to say, “I am a terrible, disgusting person.”

In reality, Kevin was a serial ki*ller in the making, a psychopath who took sadistic pleasure in hurting other people. Although diagnosed by a psychologist with antisocial personality disorder, the doctor said he knew right from wrong when he brutally mur*dered and ra*ped his mother.

He readily admitted that he would k*ill again if ever released from p*rison.

Kevin fled the home on his bicycle after the mu*rder, leaving notes behind for the police. One note read, “Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD.” After a while, however, Kevin returned to the home.

Davis Pleads Not Guilty; Sentenced to Life

Despite admitting to the mur*der and making a videotaped confession, Kevin Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges in court. He later changed the plea. Davis smiled at the jury as they sentenced him to life in pris*on. He serves his time at the Jester IV facility in Richmond, Texas, and is eligible for parole in March 2044.

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