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Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders USB-C port

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

There are a number of methods to transfer files between your phone and PC, such as the old wired link, third-party applications for cordless transfer, Bluetooth, cloud storage space, e-mail, and a lot more.

The large range of sharing techniques obtained us thinking of how Android Authority visitorstransfer files between phone and PC We presented this inquiry to you previously today, and right here’s how you addressed it.

How do you share files between phone and PC?


Roughly 1,700 ballots were cast in this survey, and it ends up there was one alternative that stood apart most importantly else. 38% of questioned visitors stated they stuck to a wired link as their approach of selection for moving files between PC and phone.

We can see why many individuals would certainly select this alternative, as it’s still one of the most dependable approach and supplies excellent rates also. This remedy is especially vital for moving huge files such as video clips and video game files.

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Otherwise, the runner-up choice was “I use two or more of these solutions,” audit for 17.6% of the ballot. This makes total feeling, as smaller sized files could be much better matched for some techniques (e.g. e-mail) while bigger files could call for a wire or something likewise quick.


  • Ayayo: I message the data to myself on a messaging system since it’s the simplest with one of the most simple individual experience and does not require added software program.
  • Shubham: I got a USB3.0 cable television simply to duplicate files from PC to phone and opposite. Its 5times much faster than USB 2.0
  • HemanthJabalpuri: I utilize FTP/HTTP Server making use of MiXplorer in Android and occasionally MTP making use of wired link.
  • thesecondsight: I’m old-fashioned. I utilize a USB cable television.
  • veesonic: USB transfers using MTP are horrible. Computuer constantly appears to ice up and it appears Android is choosy concerning what files it intends to approve. I utilize SD card visitor as its much easier. (Consequently this is one reason that my Android tool should sustain SD cards!)
  • dunnywastaken: Syncthing, additionally utilize it to transfer files to my Steam Deck.
  • allhaileris: I utilize a wire for moving large information like songs folders or video clips to thephone For pressing smaller sized scrap I utilize Telegram orPushbullet You can press files approximately 2GB withTelegram Both operate on PC and all my Android tools.
  • Lawrence Aubin: I utilize Microsoft’s Link to Windows primarily, occasionally USB cable television and occasionally I send out using e-mail.
  • Todd Heath: Been making use of KDE attach for Windows for data transfers over Wi-fi. It’s truly helpful for being a port from KDE.
  • B!: Pop the Type- C adapter in my phone, back-up files to SD card, stand out the Type- C adapter in the PC, move/copy files to my PC.
  • Glen M Lj: Gotta use the cost-free 15GB Google offered me for data sharing objective between my phone and my laptop computer, yet that’s restricted to smaller sized files just, since the web in my area draws majorly. For bigger files, I’ll simply utilize a wired link.
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