It is official that the FBI is looking into the disappearance of two sisters who have not been seen in over 21 years. A woman from Houston has said that she is Diamond Bradley, one of the sisters. The girls went missing from their home in Chicago in 2001. Diamond was 3 years old and her sister, Tionda Bradley, was 10.

A huge search was done to look for the girls, but they were never found. After 20 years, part of the mystery may be solved. The person who put up the May 17 TikTok video says that she is standing next to Diamond Bradley in a parking lot. That person is said to be missing. She smiles for the camera and shows the scar on her head that the missing toddler had.

The Texas woman contacted her aunt.

The woman who said she was Diamond Bradley called the girls’ aunt, Sheliah Bradley-Smith, according to the Daily Mail. Sheliah Bradley-Smith has never stopped looking for the girls. They were last seen in 2001, and Chicago held the biggest search for missing people in the city’s history.

Even though Bradley-Smith was shocked by the news, she said it had happened before. Many people have said they were Diamond since the Bradley sisters went missing more than 20 years ago, but no one has ever proven to be the missing girl.

This time, there is something different.

The woman who says her name is Diamond Bradley has given the FBI a DNA sample and had her fingerprints taken, which will prove that she is who she says she is. Bradley-Smith told the Daily Mail that they were told results could take a few weeks, but they hoped that the tests could be done faster.

The girl called Bradley-Smith first, but her aunt told her she should call the police instead. Now, her niece is 25 years old.

“She said she has information about Diamond Bradley, and I say ‘what about …?'” NBC 5 spoke with Bradley-Smith. “Well, she says, I am Diamond Bradley.”

Bradley-Smith is cautious about the claims.

The sad aunt said that the event had been a source of stress for many years. NBC 5 said she found out about the girls who went missing when someone called to say they were on the news.

She said that the woman who says she is Diamond Bradley is wounding people again, which is very upsetting.

“Personally, [I] don’t believe that I’m living this nightmare,” she told me. “You have high hopes because this has happened before.” As she told the news outlet, “You can’t ignore it either; I have to follow up on any tip that comes in. Unfortunately, that’s part of the job.”

Now all the family can do is wait.

Since the DNA test hasn’t come back yet, everything is just waiting.

“Well, I need to keep living my life. When Bradley-Smith told NBC 5, “I mean, when I think about that 22 years, I wonder where I would have been, who I would have been, what vacation home I would have been living in, or you know, retire and go on with your life.”

The @diamondandtiondabradley TikTok account has made several videos about the case and defending the family, saying they had nothing to do with the girls going missing. Videos have possible photos of them getting older and a balloon release in honor of their memory.

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