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What do you utilize spread sheets for? If you’re anything like me, you likely utilize them to gather information, track project or post analytics, or keep an eye on once a week jobs.

But have you ever before thought of utilizing spread sheets to make a schedule? If not, allow me inform you why Google Sheets is the perfect device for your content schedule.

Free Download: Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

If you typically work with advocate a couple of various customers, developing specific calendars in Google Sheets can be distinctively helpful for guaranteeing the customer comprehends when particular content will certainly go online. Alternatively, probably you require to produce an interior Google Sheet schedule for your group to keep an eye on approaching jobs.

Making a schedule in a device that’s generally utilized for spread sheets seems a little daunting, yet do not stress, the procedure is really quite instinctive. And with the assistance of some pointers, you can conveniently make an useful schedule that you can sync your routine with.

Below, we’ll review how to make a schedule in Google Sheets and also consist of some pointers that’ll aid you raise the layout. At completion, your schedule will certainly look something such as this:

Google Sheets calendar example: January

Open up Google Sheets and also prepare yourself to produce your really own schedule.

1. Open a brand-new spread sheet and also pick your month.

First, open up a new spreadsheet.

Then, pick your month. For this instance, I did January [YYYY], so I loaded that right into the initial cell. What’s fantastic regarding Google Sheets is that it instantly acknowledges days, so inputting in a month, complied with by the year in YYYY style will certainly inform Google that you’re going to be dealing with days.

how to make a google sheets calendar: open spreadsheet

2. Begin to style your schedule.

Next, style your schedule. I chose the message, January [YYYY], in Column A, Row 1. I highlighted 7 columns (A-G), and also clicked Merge to make that cell period throughout the whole column. You can discover this switch to the right of the Fill device.

how to make a google sheets calendar: begin formatting calendar

Here, I likewise center-aligned my message utilizing the device followingto Merge Later on, I’ll raise the typeface dimension and also vibrant the month.

3. Use a formula to fill in the days of the week.

Next, fill in the days of the week in each column (A-G). You can do this by hand yet I determined to utilize a formula. Sheets has a feature that allows you kind in solutions to full particular activities simultaneously.

To fill in days of the week, in the cell where you desire your initial weekday to be, kind: =MESSAGE( 1, “DDDD”). What this informs Google is that your number will certainly be changed by a day or time and also the style you’re utilizing is weekdays.

how to make a google sheets calendar: insert weekdays formula

Highlight the number 1 in the formula and also change it with: COLUMN(). Then, press go into and also pick your initial day. You’re going to duplicate the formula in Sunday’s cell by dragging the selector to completion of your row, (A-G), and also pushing go into once again.

how to make a calendar in google sheets: add the rest of the days

Pressing go into ought to instantly fill up in the remainder of the week. Remember, if this does not benefit you, you can constantly fill up in the days by hand.

4. Fill in the numbers.

Excellent! You have your days of the week. Now we’re going to fill in the mathematical worths. Before this action, I put in the time to include shade to the days row and also transformed the typeface to one I suched as a bit much more.

For the mathematical worths, we’ll just recognize the initial day of the month and also click and also drag to fill in the remainder.


Place the number 1 on package best beneath the initial day of the month, after that click and also drag flat. Depending on the day of the week, you might require to follow this procedure utilizing the 2nd day of the month so you can click and also drag flat.

For this instance, we’ll utilize Sunday as the initial day of the month, yet bear in mind that the initial day will certainly differ from year to year.

how to make a google sheets calendar: fill in the day numbers

5. Fill in the remainder of the numbers.

Note: In this action, I loaded in the schedule numbers every various other row to aid with my format later on.

Now that you have actually completed your initial row, it’s time to fill in the remainder. Manually put the following number, after that click and also drag flat to fill in the remainder.

Repeat the procedure for the following rows. You’ll put the initial number by hand, after that click and also drag down the row. Here’s what that resembles for the following row in January.

how to make a calendar in google sheets: add the rest of the numbers

Note: Make certain to finish the month on the best number! For January, that would certainly be the 31st.

6. Reformat your schedule if essential.

Everything is beginning to resemble a schedule, right? At this phase, I reformatted points to tidy up the appearance of my schedule a little.

Remember those additional rows in in between the phoned number rows? I increased those rows to produce boxes beneath the numbers. To do this, I just dragged the rows down to make those cells larger.

how to make a google sheets calendar: reformat calendarHere are some added format pointers:

  • Select the vacant rows beneath your numbers and also facility them utilizing the facility message placement device.
  • Select your whole schedule and also up and down line up all components to ensure that they’re in the facility of their cells. To do this, utilize the upright placement device.
  • Bold your day numbers.
  • If preferred, gently color your phoned number rows.
  • If preferred, grey out the Saturday and also Sunday columns to ensure that your days stand apart.

7. Add layout components to professionalize the appearance.

Finally, you can include in some enjoyable layout components to customize the look of your schedule. If it’s for a customer or upcoming job, you’ll desire to integrate the essential launch days right here.

For this action, I included in a couple of enjoyable pictures, consisted of a couple of theoretical schedule occasions, and also had fun with font dimensions.Completed Google Sheets calendar

8. Repeat the procedure from February to December.

It’s time to repeat for the month ofFebruary to December Simply replicate your January schedule when you have actually created it how you desire it to appearance. To do this, right-click the sheet’s tab and also pick Duplicate from the food selection.

Duplicate tab option in Google Sheets

To fill in the numbers, you’ll just require to recognize the starting day, after that click and also drag to fill in the remainder of the rows. Here are the initial days for every single month for the year 2023:

  • January: Sunday
  • February: Wednesday
  • March: Wednesday
  • April: Saturday
  • May: Monday
  • June: Thursday
  • July: Saturday
  • August: Tuesday
  • September: Friday
  • October: Sunday
  • November: Wednesday
  • December: Friday

Next, you’ll desire to recognize the amount of days you’ll require to fillin Here are the variety of days you’ll require for each and every month:

  • January: 31
  • February: 28 or 29
  • March: 31
  • April: 30
  • May: 31
  • June: 30
  • July: 31
  • August: 31
  • September: 30
  • October: 31
  • November: 30
  • December: 31

And after that, you’re done!

It’s convenient to usage Sheets since you can open your schedule exactly on your internet browser. You can likewise keep an eye on your routine in an area that’s different from your phone.

If you do not have the moment or the perseverance to produce a schedule from the ground up, listed below are 2 added techniques.

How to Make a Calendar Using a Google Sheets Template

Google Sheets supplies a developed-in theme for calendar-making. The just disadvantage is that modification choices are restricted– you can just utilize Google Sheets’ motifs. That claimed, this is an outstanding alternative if you’re in a rush.

1. Go to

Ensure you’re logged right into your Google account, or log in when motivated. This will certainly take you straight to the Sheets web page, where you can access the design templates.

Alternatively, go to, faucet New, click the right-hand arrowhead following to Google Sheets, and also faucet From a layout

how to create a google sheets calendar: access

2. Access the theme gallery.

If you accessed the Google Sheets design templates through Google Drive, you will not require to take this action.

Otherwise, in the leading banner entitled Start a brand-new spread sheet, faucet Template gallery

how to create a google sheets calendar: access template gallery

3. Find the yearly schedule theme.

Templates are separated by groups such as “Work” and also “Project management.” Scroll down up until you get to the Personal area, after that faucet Annual Calendar.

how to create a google sheets calendar: scroll to the annual calendar template

4. Change the format as required.

All done! Your schedule has actually been produced. Next, it’s time to transform the format utilizing Google Sheets’ readily available motifs. You can likewise transform the typefaces as you would certainly like.

how to create a google sheets calendar: customize the template

An different choice to utilizing Google Sheets’ developed-in theme is utilizing third-party design templates, which would certainly permit you to produce vital organization files such as social and also content calendars. Below, I share a number of design templates that are perfect for the job.

Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Good information: You’re not simply restricted to Google Sheets’ solitary developed-in theme. If you require an even more useful yearly schedule, I have actually obtained you covered with the choices listed below.

1. Free Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Content Calendar Template Google Sheets

Download the Free Template

This content schedule theme is created for Google Sheets and also covers every one of your content preparing demands. With this theme, you can outline a solid content technique on an everyday and also month-to-month basis in one easily accessible, scannable sheet.

Designed for utmost functionality and also readability, it consists of an upright format for the days, in addition to columns where you can include information such as the Author, Topic, Content Details, and also Keywords.

An upright, year-long layout such as this one can likewise be utilized for various other initiatives, such as expert and also individual objectives. You can transform the columns as requirement be to fit your and also your group’s goals for the approaching year.

2. Free Spreadsheet Social Media Content Calendar Template

how to create a google sheets calendar: use social media templates

Download the Free Template

This Excel- based social networks schedule theme is excellent for marketing experts that had actually like to construct a solid social technique for the approaching year. The highlight? It comes packed with an individual overview for those that are brand-new to social networks technique preparation.

If you currently have a social strategy, you can likewise utilize this schedule for any kind of multi-channel initiative, such as content advertising throughout several systems and also visitor blog writing on various authors’ internet sites. Simply transform the titles on the tabs to fit your objectives.

This theme can conveniently be exchanged a Google Sheets paper. To upload it right into Google Drive, just head to and also drag the data from your data traveler right into your listing of Google Drive files.

Alternatively, head to to produce a brand-new Google Sheets spread sheet. Then, click File > > Import > >Upload There, you’ll be able to import the Excel data without loss in high quality.

3. General Calendar Templates for Google Sheets

In requirement of a basic Google Sheets schedule theme? Check out these sources:

  • Spreadsheet Class: Provides a premade, very easy-to- usage theme that’s comparable to the one we produced from the ground up. You’ll require to transform the shades and also typefaces to your taste.
  • Smartsheet: Provides a number of premade Google Sheets schedule design templates with an extra company color pattern.

Use a Google Sheets Calendar to Organize Your Tasks

If you come in handy with Sheets and also desire to offer it a shot, produce a Google Sheets schedule. It’s an excellent alternative if you require to produce a tidy schedule to track an interior advertising project, arrange a customer’s approaching jobs, or share an occasion schedule with crucial stakeholders. But if you do not desire to produce one from the ground up, utilize our content schedule theme to boost your preparation and also company initiatives quickly.

Editor’s note: This article was initially released in May 2020 and also has actually been upgraded for comprehensiveness.

marketing editorial calendar templates

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