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How to Export Wrike Tasks to Google Sheets

There are many reasons you may desire to export the information of your Wrike tasks right intoGoogle Sheets Whatever the factor, you have actually come to the ideal location. This overview will certainly reveal you how to immediately occupy a spread sheet with certain areas from your tasks inWrike This can be utilized for coverage, controling information with the adaptability of a spread sheet, sharing certain information on job development with stakeholders, or as you’ll see in our demonstration: obtaining a fast review of your group’s pause demands. This is among several utilize instances for this Unito circulation, which must aid provide you a suggestion of how Unito can transform the method you benefit the much better.

In this overview, you’ll find out how to:

  • Set up a spread sheet based upon Wrike job details.
  • Turn the areas (information) of Wrike tasks right into rows in Google Sheets.
  • Set up a two-way sync in between your areas to make sure that any type of adjustments in Wrike or your spread sheet will immediately show up in the various other.

Here’s what our synced spread sheet and also board resembles:

Wrike synced to Google Sheets with Unito 2-Way
In this instance we have actually highlighted a few of the areas in Wrike that show up in our Google Sheet so you can obtain a far better feeling of what to get out ofUnito The areas (information) of each picked Wrike job occupy the columns of our spread sheet.

Put just, your Google Sheets rows stand for each Wrike job, while the columns stand for the numerous areas (e.g., title, summary, assignee, days, and so on).

So it is essential to prepare your spread sheet beforehand with those areas in mind. It can aid to name each cell in the initial row something that with ease matches with those areas.

Table of Contents

Why sync Wrike to Google Sheets with Unito?

Drafting records with an automation system conserves time and also reduce the threat of human mistake. Unito basically cares for all that copy-pasting for you to make sure that you can concentrate extra on high-skill tasks and also much less on repetitive information entrance.

Wrike is an outstanding job monitoring device for any type of market or function, however often you simply require realities or numbers in a thorough spread sheet. Perhaps your employer does not utilize Wrike, possibly you desire to share a couple of numbers with one more group, or you simply choose the traditional feel and look ofGoogle Sheets

So you have 2 options: duplicate paste all the essential information from your Wrike folders to a spread sheet, or attach them to an automation system with two-way sync, such asUnito In this context, we’ll be taking a look at an individual pause (PTO) record, however you can produce a Unito circulation to sync any type of type of Wrike job and also folder with Google Sheets to share essential information.

Before we develop a record in Google Sheets synced with Wrike:

  • Install the Unito add-on forGoogle Sheets This walkthrough will certainly reveal you how, or you can comply with that web link.
  • Keep in mind that Unito can just sync message and also number areas from Wrike to your spread sheet. Check out our assimilation introductions of Wrike and also Google Sheets to examine their abilities and also restrictions.

Go to and also open your spread sheet. Make certain each column in the initial row is plainly identified with whatever titles you desire to map to or fromWrike If you do not recognize how to classify the information you desire synced, you can begin with this Google Sheets theme

Here is an instance of a header row. You’ll require to tag the initial and also last columns of your sheet: “UnitoID” and also“Last Modified” The Unito expansion does this immediately, or you can produce the titles by hand.

Note: Make certain your columns are where you desire them to be as soon as your tasks start syncingto Google Sheets If you attempt to step columns around later on, you might come across mistakes.

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Install the Unito add-on to your Google Workspace

Now, click Extensions, after that Add- ons, and also pick Get attachments Search for “Unito for Google Sheets” and also include it to your work space by complying with the on-screen directions.

Unito Google Sheets Add-On
You can locate extra comprehensive actions on this procedure right here

Step 1: Connect Wrike and also Google Sheets to Unito

  1. Now you can either go to the Unito App and also click +Create Flow or proceed from your Wrike work space as soon as you have actually included and also accredited the Wrike Sync add-on.
  2. Click Start Here to attach your devices.
  3. Select +Add a device to this circulation in either column and also attachWrike Then click +Choose account to define the Wrike account you desire to usage.
  4. Pick the Wrike job you desire to attach to Unito.
  5. Repeat actions 3 and also 4 to attach Google Sheets with Unito.
  6. Click Confirm
Connect and Google Sheets with Unito

Step 2: Set a circulation instructions in between Wrike and also Google Sheets

Flow instructions figures out how brand-new tasks or rows are developed by Unito. So with a two-way sync at this phase, including brand-new rows to Google Sheets will certainly produce a coordinating product in Wrike, and also the other way around. Since we’re constructing a record in a spread sheet, we’ll pick a one-way sync fromWrike to Google Sheets

Set a flow direction between and Google Sheets

Note: Later, you’ll be able to include area mappings to figure out which areas will certainly be maintained upgraded in both devices– no matter the circulation instructions you establish right here.

Select Confirm when you have actually picked a circulation instructions.

Step 3: Set policies to filter information in between Wrike and also Google Sheets

This is where you can establish problems to remove Wrike tasks that you do not desire to show up inGoogle Sheets If you do not establish any type of policies, after that all things in your picked Wrike folder will certainly show up inGoogle Sheets If that’s what you desire, just strike validate and also continue.

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Otherwise, Add a brand-new trigger to start establishing your policies. There can be some irregularity right here, relying on your certain configuration.

Set rules to filter data between Wrike and Google Sheets
In our demonstration we developed a personalized area in Wrike called PTO Hours, which we’ll utilize as our filter to occupy the PTO spread sheet. In this ca se if a job does not have actually PTO hrs completed, it will not show up in our spread sheet.

Rules can filter information utilizing a number of areas in Wrike though we advise selecting standing or top priority.
You can discover more concerning establishing policies right here.

Step 4: Customize area mappings to sync rows in between Wrike and also Google Sheets

Fields stand for the information of your spread sheet rows and also Wrike tasks. Since you’re sending out area information to a spread sheet, you’ll just be able to sync numbers or message areas.

Before you can dive in, you have to inform Unito whether to attempt auto-mapping areas. This attribute functions best when areas have the very same name in both devices to make sure that Unito can quickly acknowledge them. Since we’re operating in a spread sheet however, you’ll have to pick begin mapping by hand

A screenshot of the first step of Unito's field mapping process: picking auto-map or start from scratch.
Since you’ll be calling every area in Google Sheets, you have to pick Start mapping by hand.

On the following display, pick +Add mapping, after that Select an area in both bases to set the areas with each other. Here’s a streamlined variation of our Wrike to Google Sheets area mappings

Customize field mappings to sync rows between Wrike and Google Sheets
We called every one of our areas in Wrike and also Google Sheets in a similar way to stay clear of complication. PTO Hours is our customized area in Wrike.

And right here’s what this collection of area mappings will certainly appear like after syncing with Unito:

Wrike Google Sheets synced

Click Confirm when you’re pleased with your area mappings.

Step 5: Save, close, and also release your operations!

And that’s it! You have actually simply developed a circulation in between Wrike and alsoGoogle Sheets Congratulations!

If you adhered to the actions over, your circulation ill currently:

  • Automatically produce brand-new Google Sheets rows based upon certain Wrike tasks.
  • Keep your spread sheet and also board upgraded in real-time.

If you have any type of inquiries, please do not be reluctant to connect and also allow us recognize.

What’s following after establishing your Wrike-Google Sheets assimilation?

If you desire to recognize what else you can do with Unito, right here’s some ideas to aid you power up your process:

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