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How to Sync Asana Tasks with Airtable Records

In this overview, you’ll find out how to sync Asana tasks with Airtable records with Unito’s two-way no-code combination. You can link these 2 effective devices to accomplish all type of usage instances from reporting on group development, to developing a data source of energetic tasks where you can hand over brand-new tasks. Integrating Airtable as well as Asana with Unito gets rid of the demand to copy/paste information from one area to the various other, significantly decreases the threat of human mistake, as well as can aid your group job smarter.

This Airtable-Asana combination has 2 objectives:

  1. Create brand-new records in Airtable based upon Asana tasks with details tags designated to them.
  2. Keep those tasks as well as records in a two-way real-time sync to make sure that adjustments in either device will certainly show up in the various other.

Here’s what our synced Airtable records as well as Asana tasks resemble after attaching them with Unito:

Airtable records synced to Asana tasks with Unito 2-way sync
Left: Asana job; Right: Airtable document; In Green: several of the areas we mapped from Asana to Airtable in our demo. Since every column in Airtable can be tailored, we require to select names that are quickly recognizable as suits for Asana’s areas: job name, assignee, due day, and so on

Why sync Airtable as well as Asana with Unito?

Airtable as well as Asana are effective, versatile specialist devices in their very own right that were made offer really various functions. Airtable is amazing for record-keeping as well as structure extensive data sources; while Asana is a leading device for job monitoring. Both devices can be re-purposed to make up for the various other, however why opt for a concession when you can delight in the most effective of both globes? Unito offers you simply that with the assistance of two-way automation as well as a straightforward collection of regulations.

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Put just, you can instantly transform Asana tasks right into Airtable records as well as the other way around, with both maintained-to- day in real-time when your Unito circulation is established.

Syncing Airtable with Asana with Unito will certainly allow you to:

  • Ensure your bases as well as jobs are consistently maintained-to- day in real-time without duplicate pasting in between them;
  • Keep groups in either device notified regarding development instantly;
  • Assign tasks in Asana based upon brand-new records in Airtable

Typically, you inform Unito to try to find details triggers, such as tags, assignees, jobs, standing etc. By consisting of those triggers in your regulations, you guarantee that just those type of tasks or records will certainly sync in between Airtable as well as Asana.

Before you link Airtable as well as Asana to Unito

In order to sync your Airtable records, you’ll simply require to comply with a couple of actions to prepare your base ahead of time:

Add a Last Modified Time area as your last column in Airtable

From your Airtable base, click + to include a column, scroll down the listing as well as try to findLast Modified Time Not to be puzzledwith Last Modified By They’re various areas with comparable seeming names, so do not blend them up. You can offer it a name, or otherwise, however this area will not be mapped byUnito It is needed, nonetheless, for your circulation to feature as planned.

Last Modified Time field in Airtable

TL; DR– Make certain your Airtable has a Single- line message area called Title as well as a Last Modified Time area.

Generate an API type in Airtable

In order to link Airtable to Unito, you’ll initially require to comply with a verification procedure. From any kind of food selection in Airtable, choose your account symbol, after that Account.

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In the following display, choose Generate API trick A number will certainly after that show up concealed by asterisks. Left- click the asterisks to disclose the API. Copy this number for the following component.

Now you prepare to develop a circulation in Unito!

Step 1: Connect Asana as well as Airtable to Unito

  1. Log in to the Unito App as well as click +Create Flow
  2. Then, click Start Here to link your devices.
  3. Select +Add a device to this circulation in either column, as well as linkAirtable Now, +Choose account to define the Airtable account you desire to usage.
  4. From the following drop-down food selection, enter the name of the Table you desire to link.
  5. Repeat actions 3 as well as 4 to link an Asana job with Unito.
  6. Click Confirm
Connecting Airtable and Asana to Unito
Here’s a finished link display from our trial.

Step 2: Set circulation instructions in between Asana as well as Airtable

Flow instructions establishes how brand-new job things (e.g., tasks or records) are produced byUnito That indicates you can determine whether to have brand-new Asana tasks become Airtable records, the other way around, or both concurrently. Just remember that with a two-way circulation, you’ll require to established specific regulations for every instructions. Our trial will certainly reveal you a two-way circulation instructions however do not hesitate to choose an alternative that ideal fits your present demands.

Airtable to Asana flow direction with Unito two-way sync

Select Confirm when you have actually picked a circulation instructions.

Step 3: Set regulations to filter information in between Asana as well as Airtable

This is where you can establish triggers to identify which activities absorbed Airtable or Asana will certainly produce brand-new job things in the various other. With a two-way circulation, we’ll establish regulations for every instructions.

Select Add a brand-new trigger to start establishing your regulations. There can be some irregularity right here, depending upon your certain arrangement in each device.

For our trial circulation, we have actually informed Unito that brand-new records need to just show up in Airtable when we include the Asana job:“Feature” This is a multiple-select area so we can include added tags if we desired to.

The most convenient means to established a trigger from Airtable is with a single-select area. In our trial, we have actually informed Unito to just produce brand-new Asana tasks based upon Airtable records with the standing “Kickoff”.

You can discover more regarding establishing regulations right here.

Step 4: Set up area mappings in between Airtable as well as Asana

Unito transforms the information of your Asana tasks as well as Airtable records right into mappable areas that can be synced in between devices. In Airtable, these areas are based upon the names of each column, while in Asana they can be any kind of tasks information: assignee, job name, job name, summary, and so on

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First, you’ll be asked whether you desire to established your area mappings from the ground up or allow Unito do this instantly. Since your areas in Airtable are all custom-made areas based upon your very own tagging framework, you’ll have to go back to square one.

Most areas will instantly be mapped for two-way updates, however you can change them independently if you choose one-way updates in many cases. With two-way updates, adjustments made in either device will instantly upgrade the various other. A one-way upgrade limits adjustments to a solitary instructions.

Select +Add Mapping, after that Select an area in both devices to set the areas with each other.

Set up field mappings between Airtable and Asana
In this instance, we have actually called our areas in Airtable to (mainly) match our Asana areas.

Any area with a gear/cog symbol can be more changed with specific mappings for every worth. Usually this associates to an area with several alternatives, such as a drop-down listing. In the above-example, we have actually made certain that every one of our standings pair up without effort in the various other device.

Click Confirm to continue.

Find out much more regarding establishing area mappings.

Step 5: Save, close, as well as introduce your circulation!

And that’s it! You have actually simply develop a circulation in between Airtable as well asAsana Congratulations!

If you complied with the actions over, your circulation will certainly currently:

  • Automatically produce brand-new Airtable records as well as Asana tasks based upon details task in the various other.
  • Keep areas up to day in both devices.
  • If you have any kind of inquiries, please do not be reluctant to connect as well as allow us recognize.

What’s following after establishing a two-way combination in between Asana as well as Airtable?

Try out these Airtable layouts as well as sync them with Unito to match your usage instance:

If you desire to recognize what else you can do with Unito, right here’s some motivation to aid you power up your process.

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