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How to Sync Miro Cards With Tasks in Wrike or Other Tools

Keep an eye on every suggestion by sending out the very best ones from Miro cards straight right into a Wrike task instantly. This overview will certainly reveal you how to do simply that with a two-way Unito sync from cards to tasks. Although this presentation concentrates on Wrike, you can comply with the exact same actions making use of any type of task monitoring device sustained by Unito, consisting of: Asana, Trello,, Favro, Teamwork, Zoho Projects, Jira and also a lot more.

By completion of this write-up, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn Miro cards right into Wrike tasks (or tasks for one more task monitoring device) instantly
  • Keep those cards and also tasks in a real-time, two-way sync to ensure that modifications in one will certainly show up in the other

Here’s what our Miro– Wrike sync resembles with Unito:

Miro card synced to Wrike task with Unito two-way sync
Top: among our Miro cards with crucial information (areas) highlighted
Bottom: How the card currently looks like a Wrike job with Unito

Not everybody makes use of Miro for conceptualizing, however those that do, do it a whole lot! Getting those concepts right into one more office, nonetheless, can be a handful. Instead of experiencing each card with meticulous hand-operated accuracy, allow an automation system such as Unito do all the hefty training for you. In enhancement to thinking, syncing Miro with a job monitoring device, such as Wrike, is terrific for putting together any type of info from your Miro sessions and also transforming them right into workable tasks.

Above all, it conserves time. Loads of it. With this combination, every one of your information will certainly stay in Miro with brand-new tasks produced byUnito in Wrike If you after that upgrade information in a synced Miro card, you’ll see those exact same updates show up in your job instantly. Unito is terrific for personalizing and also customizing private usage instances, so you can likewise include problems and also numerous activities with the regulations area (explained listed below).

Before you sync Miro cards right into Wrike

Step 1: Connect your Miro board and also Wrike task to Unito

  1. Now you can either go to the Unito App and also click +Create Flow or proceed from your Wrike office when you have actually included Wrike Sync by Unito.
  2. Click Start Here to link your tools.
  3. Select +Add a device to this circulation in either column and also link Wrike.
  4. Click +Choose account to define the account you desire to usage.
  5. Pick your task and also comply with the on-screen directions.
  6. Repeat actions 3– 5 to link your Miro board to Unito.
  7. Click Confirm
Connect Miro cards to Wrike tasks with Unito two-way sync

Step 2: Confirm the circulation instructions from Miro to Wrike

Since this combination is presently in Beta, you can just choose a one-way circulation in the meantime. That indicates Miro cards can instantly produce brand-new Wrike tasks, however not vice versa. As you’ll see however, the information, or areas, of those cards and also tasks will certainly still upgrade each other in a two-way sync.

This action is just to establish where brand-new job things (cards or tasks) will certainly be produced instantly by Unito.

Miro to Wrike Flow Direction with Unito two-way sync
Since you can just choose a one-way sync from Miro to Wrike, just struck validate at this phase.

Step 3: Set regulations to filter info in between Miro and also Wrike

At this phase, you can choose problems to strain Miro cards that you do not desire to look like Wrike tasks. If you make no modifications to the regulations, after that all Miro cards in your board will certainly sync to Wrike.

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Select Add a brand-new trigger to start establishing your regulations. There can be some irregularity right here, relying on your certain arrangement. The initial point you’ll have to do is choose which trigger ought to establish whether or not a card synchronizes to Wrike: assignee, card shade, or structure:

Miro to Wrike rules with Unito

In our trial, we chose Frame, because that made it very easy to imagine the cards we prepared to sync over. Here’s what that resembles:

In this instance, just the cards in our “Approved Tactics” structure will certainly sync as Wrike tasks. If we had numerous structures, we can include each of them to our listing of regulations. Our April Fools Video suggestion will certainly not sync over to Wrike given that it’s not component of the Approved Tactics structure.

You can find out more regarding establishing regulations right here.

Step 4: Pick which areas to sync from Miro cards to Wrike tasks

Fields stand for the information of your Miro cards and also Wrike tasks. At this phase you can choose just how much or how little info to sync in between both.

But initially, you’ll be asked whether you desire to established your area mappings from the ground up or allow Unito do this instantly. You can select the auto-mapping feature and also still modify the areas later on.

A screenshot of the first step of Unito's field mapping process: picking auto-map or start from scratch.

Most areas will certainly be instantly mapped for two-way updates to ensure that modifications in Miro will certainly show up in Wrike and also the other way around, however you can likewise alter that if you want. Simply established any type of private area to a one-way sync to protect against modifications in the location area from upgrading the resource.

Example: If you establish the summary area to one-way from Wrike to Miro and also somebody modifies the summary in your Wrike job, you’ll see those modifications show up on the synced Miro card. But if somebody later on modifies that Miro card, you would not see any type of modifications in Wrike.

To map areas, just choose +Add mapping, after that Select an area in each column to set areas with each other in between Miro and alsoWrike Here’s review at our area mappings in between Miro and also Wrike with some context:

Miro to Wrike field mappings in context with Unito
We have actually synced our Miro structure to Wrike standing to ensure that Unito comprehends that these 2 relate. You can see the other areas stood for appropriately.

Click Confirm when you’re pleased with your area mappings.

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Step 5: Save, close, and also release your operations!

And that’s it! You have actually simply linked Wrike and also Miro with Unito to sync cards to tasks. Congratulations!

The last action currently is to choose whether or not to sync historic cards and also tasks. If you take a look at the Most current task home window, you’ll see a switch classified Include older job things or tasks:

Selected this and also adhering to the on-screen directions will certainly allow you to sync formerly produced Miro cards. We include this performance as a protect so you can evaluate out each circulation prior to releasing to see to it it does what you anticipate it to do. If you enjoy with the actions over, proceed and also eliminate that constraint.

If you complied with the actions over, your circulation will certainly currently:

  • Automatically produce brand-new Wrike tasks based upon particular Miro cards
  • Keep your Miro board and also Wrike task upgraded in real-time instantly.

If you have any type of inquiries, please do not think twice to connect and also allow us understand.

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