Imani Roberson’s husband, Donell Anderson, was taken into custody by the police in relation to her disappearance. Roberson lives in Georgia. He is currently being investigated for mur*der.

On Saturday morning, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference to provide an update on the case. Imani Roberson, a 29-year-old mother of four, had been missing for nearly three weeks when her body was discovered.

Sheriff Eric Levett stated that there were clear signs of foul play in the disappearance.

Imani Roberson

Sheriff Eric Levett reports that Roberson was last seen on July 16 following a dinner with her four children at her mother’s house. The other two children stayed with their grandmother, and she returned home with her three-year-old and one-month-old. Roberson drove off down Plantation Boulevard in her white Mazda SUV.

Roberson’s mother worriedly went to her daughter’s house the next day after attempting to contact her without success. She called the police to report her daughter missing after finding no one there.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office promptly launched an investigation, contacted Roberson’s relatives and friends, and located locations where he used to hang out, according to Sheriff Eric Levett.

Imani Roberson’s vehicle was found by the police on July 27 in a forested area off Camp Creek Parkway, close to Union Road in Atlanta. The car was discovered completely destroyed by fire. The day she vanished, there was video footage from a Ring camera at a nearby house showing the car pulling out of the driveway very quickly.

Upon conducting an investigation, the police discovered that Imani Roberson and her spouse, Donell Anderson, shared a residence.

Sheriff Eric Levett stated that they carried out search warrants on a number of residences, including the victim’s, a car, and cell phones, as part of the investigation. Along with speaking with a number of people, they also collected evidence, such as blood discovered at the victim’s residence and other unidentified places.

The sheriff stated that investigators used a cadaver K-9 to help them find Roberson’s body early on Friday morning. Based on a description and matching body tattoos that matched the family’s photos, they were able to confirm that it was her.

Anderson was taken into custody at an Atlanta flat on Friday by a SWAT team from the sheriff’s department. He is charged with several offences, such as aggravated assault, felony mur*der, m*urder with intent, and carrying a handgun while committing a crime.

Reporters were informed by Sheriff Levett that the investigation is still ongoing and that more charges may be brought against more individuals as the case develops.

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