Susan Wright said, “I couldn’t stop sta*bbing him; I couldn’t stop,” as she was on trial for k*illing her husband Jeff horrifically. Susan ki*lled her husband by sta*bbing him 193 times and then bu*ried his body in the backyard.

The Wright family lived in Galveston, Texas, and was proud to have two children. From the outside, it looked like they were the perfect couple. Of course, Susan says that the relationship was full of drug abuse, violence, and mental torture from the inside.

Instant Love Turned Tragic

Susan worked as a waitress at a nearby restaurant in 1997 and met Jeff there. When they got married in 1998, Susan was eight and a half months pregnant with their first child. They hit it off right away. She says they lied for six years after having another child and having another child.

Susan said that Jeff used hard drugs like cocaine a lot. He abused his wife physically and mentally when he was high on drugs because they made him angry and violent.

Jeff hit his 4-year-old son Bradley on January 13, 2003, because he was high on cocaine. Susy said he raped her, beat her, and threatened to k*ill her several times.

After she tied Jeff up in their bed, Susan got a knife and st*abbed him to protect herself. After the first time she sta*bbed him, she couldn’t stop.

“I knew as soon as I stopped, he was going to get the knife back and he was going to ki*ll me. I didn’t want to die.”

Jeff had 41 sta*b wounds in the face, 48 body cuts, and seven injuries to his private parts. He also had many other st*ab wounds all over his body. Susan had slammed one of the knives into his head so hard that the tip broke off.

Susie k*illed Jeff and then took his body outside in a wheelbarrow and bu*ried it in the backyard.

Dog Digs up Jeff’s Makeshift Grav*e

Susan changed her mind, though, after a week. At least, that’s how she wanted the police to see things. Susan knew it would be impossible to hide Jeff’s body. That hole where she b*uried the body was already being dug up by the family dog.

She called her lawyer and asked him to come over. A short time later, the lawyer called Galveston police to say that there was a dead body in Susan’s yard. Susan admitted that she had sta*bbed her husband, but she said it was for self-defense.

Sue was arrested on January 24 and charged with first-degree m*urder.

The Trial & Case Aftermath

Prosecutors said Susan was a woman who would do anything to get Jeff’s $200,000 life insurance policy. Her trial ran from February 24, 2004, to March 3, 2004, and was very long. They said she lied to Jeff about having sex to get him into the bedroom, then tied him up by the wrists and ankles and st*abbed him to death.

The jury believed the prosecutors and found Susan guilty of ki*lling her husband. The prosecutors wanted to give her a 55-year prison sentence, but she only got 25 years.

After an appeal hearing in 2008, that sentence was cut down to 20 years. In this trial, Jeff’s ex-fiancee said that he had been abusive to her while they were together. The judge cut her sentence by five years.

By December 2020, Susan had served 16 years of her sentence and was free to go. She begged the reporters, “Please don’t do this to my family…” Please give me some space, I’d like some privacy.”

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