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A picture programs a massive wave collapsing right into a lighthouse.

In December 2022, social networks individuals shared a image of a lighthouse with a massive wave collapsing over it, with some asking whether it was a genuine photo. Here is a screenshot of the photo, as uploaded by a making inquiries visitor to the Snopes Tips Facebook web page (with the visitor’s name chopped out for personal privacy):

The photo is real, as well as was released in September 2015 on the blog site Sailing Leander, an on-line journal of the seafaring trips of a household that circumnavigated the world in a sailing boat from 2007 to 2016. The photo was attributed to Frederic Le Mouillor, as well as shows the household’s death of the Brittany shore in the west of France, where the spots Chenal du Four lighthouse stands.

On calmer days, the cruising household described on their blog site, the west-facing part of the lighthouse is stained since of the reality that it is commonly struck by massive waves.

Another photo of a lighthouse off the exact same shore went viral in 2021.That photo revealed the Atlantic Ocean waters spinning around the base of a lighthouse with a guy standing in an open door. It was extracted from a helicopter in 1989.


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