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Disney World is opening up a Waffle House dining establishment inside Magic Kingdom park.

On Jan 17, 2023, the Disney blog site Mouse Trap News reported that Waffle House was coming to the Magic Kingdom park at Disney World in Orlando,Florida The heading read, “Waffle House Replacing Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom.”

However, this was absolutely nothing greater than a witticism post that was created for enjoyable. According to the About web page on the Mouse Trap News web site, “Mouse Trap News was created on a whim to have some fun and write stories about Disney we wish were true.” In various other words, no, Waffle House had not been opening up in the future within Disney World.

In the past, viewers asked us by e-mail and also on social media sites regarding various other short articles released byMouse Trap News For instance, we formerly released regarding the web site’s tales that claimed a male shed his hands on Space Mountain, that YouTuber MrBeast was leasing Magic Kingdom for a day, which Disney had actually submitted a license for a roller rollercoaster that leaps tracks.

Part of the ridiculing post regarding Waffle House coming to Disney World was created similar to this:

The news to close Casey’s Corner and also resume it as a Waffle House may come as a shock and also shock to several. Casey’s Corner is just one of one of the most preferred quick-service dining establishments inMagic Kingdom It’s recognized for its timeless American get on consisting of hotdogs, french fries, corn pet nuggets, and also a lot more. The corn pet nuggets are without a doubt one of the most preferred product atCasey’s Corner Guests enjoy eating corn pet nuggets in the Hub at theMagic Kingdom It’s a popular and also well-liked Disney visual.

The enhancement of Waffle House to Disney World follows a brand-new arrangement was gotten to to bring the convenience food titan right into their parks. The arrangement obviously defines numerous Waffle House areas to be improved Disney World residential property, nonetheless, presently we are just knowledgeable about the one coming to Main Street United States. We are anticipating Disney World to include Waffle Houses to every one of their parks at some point.

Mouse Trap News likewise submitted a TikTok video clip that advertised the creative story regarding Waffle House and also Disney World:

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One commenter requested for a “timeline” on when Waffle House would certainly open, obviously not understanding it was witticism. Another customer commented, “Please tell me this is a joke.” A 3rd individual included, “No, I loved Casey’s.”

Quite a couple of commenters published the expression,”The Waffle House has found its new host.” According to Distractify com, this was absolutely nothing greater than an useless meme to troll the net that stemmed with the YouTube account Jonny RaZeR Shorts.

In the video clip, Mouse Trap News attributed customer @pgibbs22 for among the clips. That clip revealed a virtually vacant, fantasy-like, early-morning stroll on Main Street, United States inside the Magic Kingdom, with the 1894 tune “The Sidewalks of New York” having fun over the speakers.


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