When an Israeli mother learned that her husband had been killed, she broke down in tears on live TV. She had managed to get away from Ham*as with her baby daughter.

At the start of the interview, Shaylee Atary said she hoped her missing husband Yahav Winner was safe after terrorists broke into their home in Kfar Aza on Saturday morning.

When Atari told Sky News, “I feel like every minute counts right now,” she was holding their one-month-old daughter. “Every minute counts because he’s either hurt somewhere or being held hostage.”

But during the live interview, Atary can be seen looking over at a family member who just got a call and looking scared.

“Ma?” When she calls out, the word for “What?”

Other family members rush over to take the baby from her and tell her the terrible news that the IDF brought.

Then Atary breaks down and cries uncontrollably while other people try to comfort her.

“I can’t even say it.” “An Israeli woman hears live on Sky News that her husband has died,” the We Stand With Israel account wrote on X, which used to be Twitter.

“I watched her talk to PBS News Hour yesterday.” “She had hope, and that’s all you can have,” someone wrote.

“Her husband left the safety room to protect his wife and baby,” wrote someone else. He was brave. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Atary had already said that she heard bombs going off while she was getting ready to feed her baby.

She told PBS, “I thought it was one of those bombings that happen every couple of months.” “But then we see that it’s bigger.”

Soon, the couple heard someone yelling “Come, come” in Arabic. Soon after, the at*tackers broke into the bedroom.

“So I took my daughter, 1-month-old daughter, with no shoes, no phone. My husband was left there with a lot of people that want to kill him probably,” she recalled, adding that she ran behind bushes and used empty flower pots as helmets.

Eventually, a family came to the rescue 27 hours later — when her daughter was so dehydrated, she could not produce tears.

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