Joran van der Sloot, the man long suspected of ki*lling American teenager Natalie Holloway, has confessed to k*illing her after she rejected his advances se*xually on a beach in the former Dutch colony, but he claims he is now a born-again Christian. Natalie Holloway vanished in 2005 during a senior high school class trip to Aruba. This was eighteen years ago.

Van der Sloot entered a guilty plea and was given a 20-year prison sentence on Wednesday as part of a plea agreement related to federal extortion charges. This confession is part of the agreement.

Van der Sloot described how he smashed Holloway’s face with a cinderblock and then dumped her body in the ocean after she refused to have se*x with him on the beach in a partial transcript of a proffer meeting with prosecutors on October 3, despite his denial that he k*illed her in a 2006 interview with Chris Cuomo, claiming he left her on a beach.

He claimed that Holloway genuinely wanted to return to her hotel the night he k*illed her on the beach.

In a taped confession, he said to investigators, “She asked to go back to her hotel but I was just trying to get dropped off a little bit further away from her hotel so we could walk back to her hotel and I might still get a chance to be with her.”

He clarified that before she returned to the Marriott Hotel, he was able to persuade her to spend some time with him on the beach.

We take a seat next to each other in the sand and begin kissing. I get her to kiss me again, and as we begin kissing, I start to feel her up again, and she says, “No.” She says she doesn’t want me to get attached to her. I maintain. She kneels me as I continue to feel her up. He said, “She ends up kneeing me in the crotch.”

“I get up on the beach and give her a really hard kick to the face when she knees me in the crotch. She is unconscious, lying down, maybe dead, but definitely unconscious. And I notice that a large cinderblock is lying on the beach directly next to her.

The 36-year-old Dutchman Van der Sloot claims he punched Holloway in the face until it fell in.

“I take this and, yeah, I fully bang in her head with it. Her expression just kind of falls in. “I can see her face is collapsed in, even though it’s dark,” he said.

He said that after hitting Holloway in the face with the cinderblock, he started to feel afraid.

“I make the decision to take her out into the ocean. So I grab her and walk into the ocean with her, pulling a little bit. I shove her away. He said, “I push her off into the sea and walk up to about my knees in the water.” “I leave after that. I stroll home.

According to CNN, Holloway’s body was never discovered, and in 2012, an Alabama judge issued a decree formally declaring her deceased. In 2010, Van der Sloot would m*urder once more. He admitted to ki*lling Stephany Flores, a Peruvian woman.

Van der Sloot was informed by Judge Anna Manasco that the sentence she imposed for the federal extortion charges took into account his criminal history.

She said, “I have taken into consideration your confession to the horrific mur*der of Natalee Holloway.” “You have brutally mur*dered two beautiful women who refused your advances for se*x in separate incidents that happened years apart.”

Van der Sloot was confronted by Holloway’s mother, Beth Holloway, during his sentencing on Wednesday.

“Joran, for 18 years you denied ki*lling my daughter,” yet today “you have finally admitted that you, in fact, have murd*ered her.”

“You are the murd*erer. Every time that jail door slams, I want you to keep that in mind,” she uttered.”Even if you have at last admitted to the crime, you cannot be tried for her mu*rder here.” However, I do use the court to get you the harshest punishment possible,” Beth Holloway remarked.

Van der Sloot made an effort to persuade Holloway’s family and the court that he has changed.

“I am not the same kind of person today as I was then, I have given my heart to Jesus Christ,” he stated.

The New York Post was informed by Kaitlyn Holloway, Natalee’s younger sister, that she does not believe van der Sloot has converted to religion.

She remarked, “He is a monster, and just looking at him made me feel sick to my stomach.” He did offer an apology and mentioned something about having given himself to God, becoming a Christian, and being a changed person. That really doesn’t seem to be the case. With all the harm he has caused, I don’t think it was a sincere apology. I believe it was nonsense.

Matt Holloway, Natalie Holloway’s brother, admitted to Court TV that he was not persuaded.

He has lied so much. His entire life up to this point. He is nothing more than a psychotic liar. Thus, “I accept it; I accept it lightly,” Matt Holloway remarked.

Van der Sloot was referred to as “evi*l personified” in a victim impact statement by Natalie’s father, David Holloway.

David Holloway declared, “He is not sorry for what he did, despite everything he has done to us.” “He showed no signs of regret, guilt, or even sympathy. He is the embodiment of e*vil.

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